Thursday, July 29, 2010

birding pleasures

Birds are everywhere these days, twitting about, flying about, singing their nature symphonies and no CD required to get the same thing on our stereos.

Resting for a time on my new Adirondack chair out on the back deck, one can drift off from the relaxation and tranquility provided nearby totally free of charge.

And then there are wee new baby birdies appearing as soon as they peck their way from the eggshells homes, those which have been keeping them ever so cozy for only a short time, like the ones shown below.


Once in a while, I can capture a photo when my camera is near to me, other times I have to rely on my memory for referencing a bird or two later on.

Here in this post are but a select few, read = non-blurry photos!

I love to discover by chance, all of the bright ones, oh, and the pretty ones, oh, and listen to the lovely lull of sweet summer birding just a few steps away from the threshold of our doorway, especially when the gentle hum of required air conditioning usage indoors can oftentimes drown out the sound of the outdoors into oblivion. What we miss if we stay inside...

Those brightly colored siskins, tanagers, bluejays, and cardinals are so beautiful to see before the green colored splash of forest behind them.

And the downy woodpeckers doing their mating dance and catch-me-if-you-can chase up and down the trees can be fascinating to watch.

And yes, even the brown cowbird can prove to be interesting at times, when least expected, pesky as they can often be.

After diving into a bird study unit with the children this past spring, I'm all alert for observing behavior, and using all of the hints and tips learned to attempt identification on the bulk of them.

Sometimes I can guess, and just know on sight. Other times, there is no way.

So many wee birds seem to be crashing into the glass on our larger windows, falling to the ground below, either stunned for a time, or outright dead. Yesterday, one such wee Kinglet bird with green in his plumage had to be rescued and buried, so sad.

It's such a sweet obsession this birding stuff for me, but secretly, I know my husband is really into it this year too.