Saturday, July 10, 2010

On a hot, hot summer day...

....when two young children are not at all interested in setting foot outside in the heat wave and high humidity, it is thrilling to have their visiting older sister ask them to please play a game with her.

"Show me where the games are?"; she said

That's sure a lovely twist to a child!

An adult asking them to play with her?

With her all to themselves, the three decided on "Scrabble", and soon the game began.

This is one very classic game, one that never goes out of style, never a fad and always interesting.

While observing the box after it was brought to the table, I realized this was the scrabble game my parents used to play, when I was a young child myself.

This game has been around a very long time and somehow I was the one to inherit it.

It's still in relatively good condition, the box that is, just a few taped corners, but mom and dad, this game is still alive and well with the last of our gang.

What to do on a crazy hot day?

Why, play a game of course.

Go ahead, go get a game and get playing! What will your selection be?

Ours tossed around between "Clue", "Scrabble" and "Trouble". Obviously this one won, the other two still resting nearby for another time.