Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pure Luck! (just as in the movie)

Recently I wrote about using real copper pennies and bandaids over bee stings or wasp bites and how successful it had been to use this old wives tale on one daughter's problem areas with complete success for a swift healing.

Fast forward, to last week when this lovely visiting daughter was on the back patio offering simple pleasures to her little sister by way of polishing her toe nails.

Up flies a bug just under her eye area and the thing bites her!

We have yet to determine even what "kind" of bug it was!
Perhaps it was a horse fly, maybe a deer fly, who knows, but the bite/sting hurt and hurt enough for serious upset.

Swelling within no time at all, out came the pennies and bandaids.

Swelling went down within an hour, a little benadryl just in case from the swift reaction of the bite.

Pure Luck!

Wasn't she just watching that movie with her other sister the day before? If you haven't seen it yourself, it's an older film, funny as all get out on the bad luck the main character seems to have at every turn in life.

The next morning, she came to our bedroom first thing in the morning. The swelling had returned, twice the size as it was, very puffy.

And then, her eye was sealed shut - for three days!

Off to emergency!

Three hours later, it was confirmed we were doing all we could, to use heat and ice, to allow for time to bring all under control again.

So, she waited, and worked hard every day for a glimpse of something other than all those loving nicknames she was gaining, like;
"One eyed Willie"

She was not comfortable! At all!

Frustration mounted. The doctor had suggested she sleep upright in a chair at night to control the swelling from returning or becoming worse when laying down instead. Ever try to sleep in a chair?

Still she was a good sport about it, continuing when able to play many games with everyone to pass the time and trying to rest by day from interrupted sleep while attempting to keep somewhat upright.

Playing a game of pool with her brother became a bit strange when trying to locate the exact location of balls to shoot with her cue and attempt to gain points, and she wasn't able to drive for sure.

(Beaching it several times, before and after the bite)

A few disappointments reigned when having to cancel some things she especially desired to do while here, however her youngest sister will never forget how she attempted an effort to attend her first horse show anyway (ice packs and large sunglasses in tow), proclaiming her "good luck" to have there watching her riding.

For a few days, she really wasn't up to going out much, not even wearing sunglasses, and then as her eye began to open a bit more the latter two days, she began (and others followed) to call herself an "Orch" from the Lord of the Rings.

A sense of humor is a must for those in our family, usually getting us all through tough times together in a good way.

There were many memories made while she was visiting here with us, and her request to experience her dad's gourmet type of cooking was fulfilled.

(Dad's newest burger; filled with cilantro
and all sorts of goodness,
children keep begging for more...)

Not too many photos were allowed, therefore we don't have too many to offer.

She did however egg me on to get a story posted, to share her "Pure Luck" tale right here on the blog.

Interestingly enough, she's made remarks several times since returning home, that it wasn't just the silly bug bite that took away from her trip. She was a bit taken aback when realizing how quickly time has passed by, her younger siblings were growing up, and it was after reflecting over how busy they all were with their summer jobs while she was here, that she began to feel as though she's missing this moment with them.

Heartswelling stuff!

(Three of our girls, together at sunset)

The wee hours of her final day while driving the trek to the airport, with ice pack on her face, we were a bit concerned over how long this was taking to dissipate. Still a little swollen, we only hoped she wouldn't have a problem while in flight. She didn't. Thank goodness.

Oh the tales we can weave from our memories together.

Love you my girl!