Saturday, July 31, 2010

Groovy baby - the horse that is.

It was like seeing something out of a comic book.

I laughed out loud when I first heard of this idea, and then I felt badly for this white horse named; "Silver".

Assurances were given all was just fine though and big wide smiles appeared on everyone's faces.

The fluorescent colored paints used were safe and nontoxic. Following the artistic endeavor, the horse was thoroughly cleansed (bathed and scrubbed) afterward.

One of the horse camp instructor gals came all prepared with this groovy idea and tote filled with supplies for the last day of the one week camp session. All of the camper children and helpers participated eagerly and with great enthusiasm. Can you just imagine?

I'd never thought to use a live animal, let alone a white horse to be sure, for such a painting canvas.

I think my girls were in a bit of shock by day's end over the whole groovy painting session.

I myself am smiling a whole bunch just thinking of how artistic and creative everyone became. Hand prints were the most popular decor, a few slaps on the butt included. Poor horse....laughing.

What a laugh this created, and one can only imagine when a car drove by, the double takes this horse caused for passersby.

A forever memory was made right here in our neighborhood folks.

I know for a fact they don't make horses like this in real life!