Saturday, July 31, 2010

soaked at summer soccer

Summer soccer has already come and gone.

For the second year, our younger two found this recreational community sporty fun right up their alley, perfect really for playing around and enjoying this sport, unlike their older siblings who preferred the challenge of competition to their fiercest and finest sport loving levels.

These younger ones opted for a good time, plenty of good ole fashioned fun, so thus the simple summer league of choice.

The weekly games seemed to zoom by.

Really they did.

Every Thursday evening, if humidity and heat allowed for it, my hubby accompanied me to soccer, plopping down our chairs to cheer for the children.

Often the older ones met us there after work,walking down to meet us once their shifts were over.

There were times of course when I had to ask my husband to settle down, such excitement tends to get him loud and proud out there on the sidelines. :)

He tends to get a little overzealous with his cheering, something akin to my mother when she's accompanied us to the older one's sporting activities, because they sure can both get all wound up and overly excited. (laughing)

Maybe it's that former coaching experience both have to make them only want success for their loved ones. No matter. It's all fun and jesting for me to tease them a bit because I know they are the best cheerleaders one could ever want watching them in play.

The funniest thing was I was not alone as there were other parents like him out there, and many spouses with fingers to their lips saying; "Shhhhhh....."

The grand finale came, and what a memory that day still holds for all of us!

A wicked storm whipped up with a ferocious rain pelting, and the traditional season end dinner of hot dog and drinks was quickly removed to another location.

Once the roar of the winds began, coupled with the buckets of rain, umbrellas were out in force and many parents chose to to run for shelter, some towards their vehicles, wringing out their clothing on the way.

It was just that wet!

Oh the rain was okay at first, nice and steamy with the heat. And then the skies opened up and I'm sure a great big ocean fell to earth!

Once the lightning began a short distance away, the fields cleared faster than one could imagine.

What a good thing for an excellent parking place this night!

Very soon the airways were filled with an "Environment Canada warning" of a "severe thunder storm" overnight.

Didn't they know it had already appeared here? Sheesh!

And so ends one more year of summer soccer, soaking wet children who already began talking about joining in the fun again next year.