Friday, July 09, 2010

Graduation Day

All decked out and heading for our son's graduation.

With our older daughter working an evening shift, she was unable to attend. Off the rest of us went to witness this (at long last) second graduation event.

Impressed to find the huge school gymnasium air conditioned. We never had air in our day, but then we lived in the west where humidity wasn't a factor. Ever.

This evening was very important for our young man, he was so pleased to dress up in his finest duds, and didn't even complain about having to wear a grad gown and cap. Again. Though you know, I have to say, he had nothing nice to say about that same topic last year, grin, grin.

I think this had to be one of the largest grad classes I've ever heard of! A large group of 316 young and eager hopefuls wore their burgundy gowns and caps with pride.

The amount of awards and scholarships alone were highly impressive.

Wonderfully organized, and classy overall, this was one fine formal event, well executed and to be admired for the size of the crowd in attendance as well.

One RCMP headed the crowd in holding up our Canadian flag while singing our national anthem. A great start to the night!

At the end of the day, I was so far to the back of the gym, I didn't get many good photos, rather more blurries than acceptable.
And then, as we headed down those populated hallways towards the cafeteria for refreshments and more photo opportunities, I found our son had already turned in his gown and only had his cap with him.

Drats! No posing for mom with gown on.

Little sister however found he still had his cap in hand, and tried in on for size, reminding me of another time when our oldest graduated at a homeschooling graduation event, her little sister remarked on how she was wearing a very funny hat. snicker...

Well done son!

After twelve years of schooling at home, and one year to acquire this province's required repeat of a course, I am one very proud and greatly relieved mama!