Monday, July 12, 2010

Our Canada Day!

Red and white flags danced in the breeze on July 1st - Canada's Birthday!

Red was definitely the color of the day, while Canadian Maple Leaves were everywhere!

Oh Canada! Happy Birthday to you!

Do you know how old Canada is?

Most people I spoke with on July 1st didn't even have a clue! Canada was celebrating that day, festivities were plentiful to honor its 143rd birthday.

Yes, indeed - Let us show our patriotism and get out and celebrate!

Earlier in the day I remembered a fancy-schmancy sequined shirt a friend gave to me when she returned to live in the USA.

I tried it on and went where my husband was, wondering if he would laugh his head off for my bold attempt at looking very overdressed and even a little bit cheesy.

I such a nut case as I started to laugh before I even managed to catch his eye. He looked at me, curious about the commotion I was making, noticed the shirt and just raised an eyebrow, wondering "if I was really serious" about donning that tank top at all.

I opted instead to snap a few photos of it, and then stayed with my original decision to get my "red on" instead.

We decided to take in the fireworks in the later evening, first taking a few hours to partake and become spectator of the many other festivities local to the fireworks venue.

The town was buzzing with action.

People were dressed for the occasion, showing their true Canadian spirit, wearing their red, sporting a red maple leaf on their cheek (except for me, I couldn't locate mine, boohoo and the face painting line up was just way too long to hope for one there), waving and/or waving flags, and people were singing and selling all things Canadian.

Neatly I had rolled up two of my favorite Canadian flags beforehand, placing them next to my emergency brake in the vehicle during the drive there.

In a hurry, everyone got out of the van, attempting to make the crossing light change on foot, so doors were closed and then a short time later, I realized the flags weren't with us.

I was so disappointed with myself, kind of silly but how patriotic was that anyway? Leaving my flags in my vehicle, empty hands, no tattooed cheek, holy smokes!

I was tickled pink when visiting one of the vendor booths though, as a man handed me a few paper flags and insisted I take as many as I wanted, a whole bouquet held out before me.

I'm not at all ashamed to say - I took them all!

And, a handful of Canadian flag pins to sport while I was there too.

All the walking tuckered out my man, so we headed to the water's edge where the fireworks would be blasting off later on, plopped down our chairs to save our personal spot and left him there to enjoy the evening for a time, while the rest of us wandered about a little while longer.

When we returned, we decorated my hubby for he did not have the right colors on, and was not terribly patriotic looking at all right about then. He's such a good sport though, playing along just fine, even with all the spectators watching us with him.

Someone was thinking it had been a very long time since we'd had cotton candy, and after finding and indulging in some, I am reminded again why we don't eat that stuff...smiling.

(Our son didn't like the people around us smiling at him while I was taking this pic, didn't like being in the limelight, but he didn't mind it after we left...snicker)

Oh Canada, our home and native land!

Happy Birthday!