Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A day in the life...with a twist

As per the normal calendar week, my husband attended his twice weekly respiratory physiotherapy today, the same ole, same ole... with a twist! :)

Today was the day for our family friend to attend her long awaited medical interview with the respiratory doctor in charge of the program at this hospital.

Driving from our former home area, almost a four hour road trip before her and her husband, they granted the trip plenty of time for an unhurried journey into her unknown medical next step ahead.

I've blogged about this lovely lady before, a woman I met soon after our move to our former home, the woman who was my Creative Memories scrapbooking lady. Like my husband, she also suffers from a lung disease, primarily Pulmonary Fibrosis, with underlying bronchiectasis.

We've been gently coaching her to the possibility of attending the hospital's respiratory physiotherapy program, and after many months of waiting, today was her big day! And we were there, yes we were, ready to meet and greet them when they were excused from their appointment time.

What a great day too, a positive day in all ways!

Within the next two months, we hope to hear news of her admission not only into the program, but also for all good things to come as she has been informed that she will someday require a lung transplant, something quickly looming in her near future. Firstly, she definitely needs to get stronger, her heart is weakening by the day and better medical care is an absolute concern at the helm of her care.

There's definitely no doubt about it - two things go together!
Road trip + Starbucks drive through.
I had mine, and then the privilege of meeting up with this lovely lady and her husband, along with my husband, our foursome for a subsequent very heartfelt, and long winded session of "lung disease" supportive cheerleader chat.

Great day!

Sunny and hard to keep our eyes open for the photo below, squinting doesn't make for a very photogenic picture, but oh well...
we made a memory this day. We did! And with God's grace, we hope we were a positive and supportive input into this woman's tough road ahead.

Squinty eyed from the blaring sun.

(Perhaps an asian photographic display? snickering)