Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Anticipation and Beyond

Anticipation had been growing, snowballing and even festering in a terrible (but happy) way.

On this day, she now knew why it had been so difficult to sleep over the several nights before.

In fact, it was everything she had dreamed of.

And more.

Shortly after arriving at this destination for the day, and after removing her horse from his trailer, this was the breathtaking vista from the top of the hill where we had all our vehicles parked for the day.

The girls from the barn who were participating were giddy.
The girls who chose to be the helpers for the day were also giddy.
The moms were equally giddy, and rightly so.

It was a mighty fine, and most impressive equestrian horse farm, where she and the others would not only be experiencing their first horse show, but also competing as

What a great experience this day was, and oh, so HOT!

Good thing we brought our hats and plenty of water.

Not only were our girls feeling the effects of the heat while wearing their gear, the horses were also in need of constant watering.

And a great day was had by all!

Be back with more...