Tuesday, July 27, 2010

garden mulching in summer's heat

Six yards of bark mulch were delivered to us.


And that same day, of course, a heat wave began making it very difficult to proceed with the work ahead of us, that of completing our initial goal of taking only one whole day to get this huge pile spread out into all of our flower gardens.

With the newly carved back garden beds, this would be the last step to complete the whole new garden bedding process, so other than weed whacking, pulling weeds upon occasion, and able to enjoy our huge and sweaty work efforts of recent days.

So, as one son shoveled piles of the bark mulch into the wheelbarrow, and another son hauled it for placement, this mama had two huge buckets to also fill and haul to double up our efforts.

Gosh, there is merit while working on such garden goals to own two wheelbarrows, let me tell you.

After a grueling and ridiculous time of ensuring shade-breaks, we quit once our back gardens were complete, and that was it for the day, barely denting the remaining huge pile. However, it was a good feeling to have the four inch base atop our back garden beds once and for all.

Day 2
- All of our helpers were off to work. Drats - no go! But oh so hot again anyway! In the evening, younger son helps mother haul out about a dozen wheelbarrows full of mulch, and then the mosquitoes came out and wanted to eat us alive.

Day 3
- Sunday! We really don't want to work this day at all! Off to the beach to play...feeling ever so guilty for not getting on with our goal of completing this pile. But, in defense it's so Sunday and so HOT outside! We would never get it done anyway. I'm sure of it.

Day 4
- One helper works with me for one hour. This time though, the front garden beds are over one foot higher than the ground with a stone edging to climb and hoist the wheelbarrow up before pouring the mulch inside.

We quickly figured with one person on each side of it, we could heave it up so the front piece next to the double wheels, rests there and the handles could be thrust into the air for the pour and placement.

What a job this was going to be!

One hour with oldest helper son. And then I had to drive him to work.

Next up, daughter was home for a time, so she began to offer a hand. Together she and I shoveled and filled the wheelbarrow. I pushed it and she helped me haul it up and out. And then, she had to get to work.

Next again, younger son returns from work and helps mother out and together we complete the task right to having to haul the plastic tarp with the last remains to the front and turn it all over into the garden beds.


We are still short at least 3 more yards to complete the topping over the forest floor bedding for the year's end.

Some other day.... yes - some other day for sure because we're DONE with all this work!

Meanwhile all we wanted to do was celebrate this summertime grand feat of beating the impossible odds of enduring one intense and unexpected heat wave!

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