Sunday, November 16, 2008

Autumn passes quickly #12

Autumn passes quickly

My oh my, did Autumn ever pass by quickly this year. As we awoke this morning, a lovely white blanket of fluffy snow appeared as far as one could view in our general landscape. As the day became warmer, it soon melted but we are due for much more all this week.

There aren't so many wonderful colors to enjoy up in the trees or down on the ground. Many are super wet and mushy after yesterday's torrential rains, almost slimy.

The race was on all week with farmers trying to beat the weatherman on rains due in our area. Cow corn remains in some of the fields and will until the end of the year, but for the most part, these bins were everywhere this week.

Row by row, farmers were rushing through their fields in a quest to get their crops in for the winter.This farmer already brought in his crops for the winter and is on his last row of soil turnover.

Take me home, country roads. These country roads are filled with soy crops yet to be harvested.

I love driving through countrysides and spotting red barns. New or old they have character to me, and a history containing an entire family's livelihood, generation after generation in this part of the country. History reigns here and farming continues to bless us with local crops we can feast on.

Here's to Autumn then!

May we always take a moment in the midst of each of the seasons to stand in awe at the wonder of each passing cycle within any given year. There is always so much to view, so much to appreciate and so much to enjoy with just our sense of sight alone.

Blessed are they who take a moment to see the wonder of it all and give thanksgiving for the blessings within day by day.