Sunday, November 16, 2008

Let the moving list checkoff begins...

Let the moving list checkoff begin!

The idea of a major move directly ahead for us in mere weeks from now has stimulated something stirring deep within me. Each day I awake I have a list to follow and force myself into attention for the dreaded day's assignment I gave myself the evening before on a freshly written to-do list. Actually, some are great fun; others are ho-hum in nature for sure.

This week alone I had to deal with preparing our two lawn tractors and one smaller regular lawn mower as per the moving company hazardous article in our moving package folder.

The moving company will not load them into the moving truck unless they are properly winterized with little gasoline (enough to move them on and off the truck only), no gasoline or oil will be allowed in the smaller mower for sure. All of these items were to be power washed and tractors had to be fully charged to run properly from barn to truck.

These details were a problem for me and the necessity to comply with the requirements were soon evident and on my to-do lists. After seeking out a dealer in my yellow pages, I soon found out this was not the time of year to begin the search for this assignment. Every service store I contacted complained they were filled with orders to service many snow blowers and were no longer servicing lawn tractors! How could this be? We only just stopped mowing our lawns here a few weeks ago. Was I in trouble here? I thought so...

Finally I found one place who felt sorry for me (smile) and offered to deal with just one of the lawn tractors. Our good old zero clearance husquavarna had a flat tire, the cutting belt required replacement and the battery had lost its charge. He would take that one if we could get it out to the driveway for pick up because their truck had a winch would could haul the beast onto the flatbed easily. But, since our mower was behind a fence, that was a problem for him to get to it, thus the recommendation to get it to the driveway by human means. I fudged on the phone accepting his date and timing. And then I realized I had a big problem. That lawn tractor had to weigh at least 1000 pounds! It ended up taking eight of us (myself, our children/teens and some of their friends) a muscle packed effort to move it from the barn, through the gate and onto the driveway.

I found another dealer who would tend to the other lawn tractor for us. GREAT! This was good news because if we had to, we could hoist the smaller mower up into our van (but what a stink between it and hauling the animals!), and more than likely we can scrape the underside clean and empty the gasoline ourselves. That is - if we had to...

Our husquavarna has been returned already, all clean, all charged, and all ready to move. Next week the John Deere lawn tractor will be returned.

Two check marks are proudly staring at me on my list now completed, and I patted myself on the back for this grand feat. LOL