Thursday, November 20, 2008

So you say you wanna learn to skate better, huh?

So you say you wanna
learn to skate better, huh?

Well it takes lots of practice and alot of discipline to learn skills and drills resulting in stronger stance and movement. Power skating for all these homeschooling children was right up our alley for the younger two children. A bonus for the older two to join in for a bit of ice time. All get regular weekly lesson sessions together, and what fun it becomes when the coach challenges and pushes the teens HARD!

All age ranges begin warming up.
Little ones remain at the end for their safety...wink.

Learning to swing their arms to gain momentum
(hint; light blue coat, far right arm swinger are ours)

Stop and spray! It's a "guy thing".

Drills and more drills

Daddy was able to watch for the first time

A favorite - watching the zamboni

The End

Great work everyone!
Now for a cup of steamy hot chocolate!

Oh, and....By request, I've once again opened up the comment area for those who plead with me about preferring to send me a quick note, faster than email they shout (wink). Just for you then sweet ones, it's working again but just be sure to let me know if you don't want it to be made public. Hugs!