Thursday, November 06, 2008

Cora's - A new favorite restaurant

Our new favorite breakfast eatery!

While away the last time scouting around at real estate for our relocation, we discovered a new restaurant famous for serving all day breakfast specialties.

Chez Cora was born in 1987 after a real woman with the same name purchased an old snack bar in Ville Saint-Laurent in Montreal, Quebec. She embarked on new concept, an all breakfast restaurant serving only the freshest fruit, cheese cereal, omelets, pancakes and fresh toast. If only she knew how fast her business would grow during the humble beginnings in her own adventure as restaurant owner. Did word ever travel quickly about her new abode with referrals to patronize its location.

Her menu was inspired and born from family breakfast traditions, customer requests and suggestions from her children. She created healthy breakfasts including fresh fruit protein drinks and more than 100 items on her menu over time.

Her restaurant was graced with fun decor, playful imagery soon to become her signature logo in all her eventual food chain. To date there are now 90 food chain restaurants for patrons to eat. Our own children have decreed "Cora's" to be their new all time favorite eatery!

Our breakfast this day - so much food!

Not only was the food out of this world delicious, the food portions on some would have easily sufficed for two people to share them. Take for instance the crepe shown below; it was filled with fresh strawberry slices and bananas, perhaps two cups full of the yummy stuff! Wow was it good! And as you might imagine, it was mine to eat...laugh. I could not completely finish the serving, and didn't feel hungry in the least bit the entire day, that's for sure! What a meal! And all for a mere 6.00!

We noticed this same restaurant just outside of Old Quebec city, but never knew anything about it. Some of the folks on our tour bus mentioned not to miss it, and my hubby was given a thumbs up from a colleague at work originally from Quebec. Now we know how right they all were. Funniest thing of all was enjoying our hearty breakfast and noticing my husband's colleague and his family walk in the front doors. Even in far off areas, how wonderful it was to see a familiar face! And to think they will only live a few minutes from us when we arrive in our new home!

What a great eatery! When you travel in the eastern provinces of Canada, be sure to look out for one of these restaurants to dine in, you won't be disappointed at all. Yum!

And (not to brag of course), after our upcoming relocation where our family will settle into a new community and new home, "Cora's" won't be far away. (wink)