Monday, November 17, 2008


What a day!

This evening I noted the need for a visit to our local gasoline station when my needle hovered in the red zone. Rolling into place tonight, I gasped at today's prices and after a roaring hooray, my fingers roamed through my purse in search of my camera. Yessirree folks, this is a special day here!

This is the best deal in town folks, in a long while.

Gas - 76.9 cents per litre
(for our US friends, simply multiply by 3 to get your pricing)

In other news, Environment Canada has been filling the air waves with warnings of tonight's severe snow squall warnings, including wicked winds and between 15-25 cm of snow. The snow is nothing on its on, but picture a blizzard outdoors and you get the picture.
Today's task was; Take out the gloves, tuques, scarves and woolens. It's going to be a COLDER day out tomorrow as temperatures fall well below 0 degrees Celsius. Brrrrrrr.....

Gingerbread mitten cookies

We're sipping hot tea and hot chocolate here tonight, and munching down some favorite gingerbread cookies to accompany that sipping feast. The cookie cutters were just perfect, don't you think? Yum!