Wednesday, November 26, 2008

So Thankful..

Ten things I am Thankful for!

During this season of American Thanksgiving, I am reminded of my visit with my one and only sister last year at this time when we were able to spend a week alone together for the first time since our young youthful years. It was a time for sisterly bonding, and doing many things together, and celebrating American Thanksgiving on Cape Cod, just the two of us.

After a memorable time together, we shared the same idea for the future. Perhaps this same time every year could become a sisterly tradition of sorts for continued visits together just like the one we had both enjoyed so immensely.

As I type this writing tonight, I am reminded that life must continually be filled with goals and dreams, and though they may not always become attainable in the end, it is still good to keep dreaming. For my sister and I, our reunion timing was just not meant to be this year. My own family's move currently in progress offers poor timing over our reunion during the "American Thanksgiving" season. No problem though. There is always next year, right sis? Heck, I'm still filled with many warm and cherished memories from last year to carry me through until we meet again next year for "such a time as last year's was".

Happy Thanksgiving to you Helen.

Happy thanksgiving to all our family and friends over the border.

** And without further ado, here are ten things this week which I am very thankful for. I'm absolutely filled with deep gratitude for every little itty bitty thing these past few days.

Ten things I am Thankful for!

1) For the initial confusion - now cleared up over the Surgeon who almost refused my husband’s case due to the fact he will retire in a year and he wasn't wanting to disappoint my husband in the process of having to refer him onward to another. He has not only taken my husband’s case to heart, he will try see him through to recovery if able.

2) For the confusion now cleared up also as to the Surgeon not actually responsible for my husband’s day to day care, rather only the surgery itself in the future. Three recommendations were referred to us for consideration and the Respiralogist we had hoped for nearer to our new home was on that list! Oh YES!!! Door to door travel will be less than ten minutes for appropriate care and/or emergent anything in the future. This doctor knows the surgeon personally and both will work together on my husband’s case. Wow, God is good!

3) For the Red Cross’ blood chart a friend pulled out to inform me of the fact there are actually three possible blood types which will match my husband’s rarer one of “AB neg” for future considerations with regards to an actual transplant. The blood types of donor and recipient must match to avoid rejection of the organs, so this matters. Whether or not in the end this will be of any assistance doesn’t matter right now. It just all sounds so much more positive to us at this point in time. I for one will become a regular blood donor after all the fascinating information I found out about this topic from our friend. Her husband has required over 80 emergency blood transfusions for his case of leukemia, now in remission. Praise God for this incredible gift of life!

4) For Guardian Angels unaware who watch over us, and for real life ones who bless us at every turn. A fellow colleague and his family have been transferred to work at the same location as my husband. Ahead of the family this old friend watches over and has become ever protective over my husband during his days at work, insisting on rest breaks when he sees fatigue creep into my husband's eyes, coffee breaks just because, and the occasional dinner together. He even stays at the same hotel during commuting evenings. How great is this! Last night, both wandered over to the local Costco to grab their beloved meal together – a famous Costco hotdog! His family will move there from Quebec two days after us, and live not far from where we will. Familiar faces have become quite a blessing to us as we all have stayed at the same hotel during our road trips to this area. Even if it was from long ago when we used to visit and chat, together we will all become familiar with, and forge through our foreign new land, enjoying every bit of our time, where our new homes will soon dwell.

5) For fence builders who had no problems working knee deep within two feet of snow today. There they were digging trenches to install some chain link fencing, for the sole purpose of our dogs hanging out inside of while outdoors during the daytime. Dare we let them loose? No, that is not an option at all. Our husky will run away for sure, let alone our golden lab.

6) For the success of a second attempt! A second minor hockey association announced they still had one opening remaining on their rep/travel hockey team which our son could join in on. They have one card for a last player ready and waiting, and have suggested they get him playing as soon as possible. The trick however is *when* we can provide proof of our new address with various documentation. It won’t be able to happen though (as they are aware) until we have the utilities in place, driver’s licenses changed over, etc.The first hockey association we tried had no room left on any of their teams for him, thus placing him ninth on a waiting list. When the very ability to play an endeared sport or not becomes an issue, it all matters greatly to our son. It all matters because if he is going to proceed to any higher league level caliber of play for a few more years to come, the average hockey stats from the previous year are reviewed for invitational entry into their programs. It all matters. So, with much happiness, this was all good news this past week for him. His younger brother has now requested we inquire about a spot for him to play there too. Better late than never I suppose.

7) For a happy teen daughter and her younger sister for finding out there are THREE horse riding centers and boarding barns within ½ mile or less from our new home. A nice bike ride would suffice for transportation anytime for riding lessons or the big dream of them buying their own horse.

8) For the realization we will have relatives only 1 ½ hours away from us, so much closer than this place now. Toast! Ting ting... here’s to “family” who will be living nearby, our niece and her husband we celebrated Thanksgiving with. Such a wonderful thought.

9) For snow skiing and other snowy mountain fun being within reach for a familiar feel and comparison to our Westcoast roots provided enjoyed before our move here. Yes, perhaps we will get back to this sport again; I’ll get the younguns on snowshoes and skis within no time at all. If all else fails, a great day tobogganing will be right up their alley. Wink

10) For my CURVES workout center; where I can move to the music, get in my workout, and get rid of all my stressors, one station at a time. There is nothing so triumphant as the accomplishment of a completed workout. When either negative or positive stress eats up the mind and cripples a desire for physical motivation, there is nothing as wonderful or successful as having proceeded with the workout anyway and feeling the absolute benefits from it soon afterwards. I love my CURVES, watching other woman like me bouncing around in between their stations on the circuit in order to keep up their heart rates. Here’s to women who look after themselves, one station at a time!