Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mother culture moments.....

"Mother Culture Moments"

Taking a few moments to browse my new arrivals

An unexpected knock came upon my door in the early hours of yesterday morning. A parcel in her hand, she asked for my signature. I love it when this happens, a surprise from the delivery truck shipping showing up in my driveway to thrill us all.

I was expecting this parcel until next week, and yet, one of my favorite curriculum catalog suppliers honored my request for expediting this package so it would arrive before our moving date. I am just so thrilled with the Johnson family, owners of Catholic Heritage Curriculum this day, not to mention the relief to obtain this package in a super timely manner without the delay at the US border custom's office.

Each day when I rise, it seems my "to-do" list has grown from the evening before! As I note the priorities for the day before me on a fresh list written the evening before on a crisp new piece of paper; all of the many things to tend to, the calls to make concerning our move, keeping our schooling schedules in focus, I can feel a wee bit anxious at times when a little anxiety creeps in before the noon hour.

Along the way the past few weeks, I've literally had to remember to take a few moments from the crazy and hectic pace before me to "be still" and "relax" a few moments, grasping a deep breath of air and/or keeping up with my workouts to fend off any negative stressors. I have to admit the arrival of this box was indeed perfect timing for me, just perfect timing!

After opening my box, no hesitation was required to carve out a few stolen moments this day to drool over my two new wonderful additions to our family library. Both of the authors of these delightful finds are wonderful ladies whom I admire and respect, not to mention read their personal blogs regularly.

A few more moments with offered items by my children for an even longer escape to browse

My Mother Culture books this day are;

Tea and Cake with the Saints by; Alice Cantrell (homeschooling mother and artist extraordinaire) Subtitled; A Catholic Young Lady's Introduction to Hospitality and the Home Arts. It is such a lovely book filled with Alice's quaint and special artistry. Wow Alice, this is such a treasured gem! Thank you for yet another special find! Keep them coming okay?

Haystacks full of needles by; Alice Gunther (homeschooling mother and lawyer) Forward written by Laura Berquist, this book is explosive and filled with the love and charity Alice is known for. She is such a lovely woman. Alice, thank you for bringing this great book to fruition. I love the photos you included, all are really special.