Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More scenes from our wintry day

More scenes from our wintry day

It looks as though I was able to post my last entry of "Autumn passes quickly" in the nic of time, at least shortly before the snow arrived and filled our landscape with a huge layer of white. Thank goodness I found those photos from my cell phone!

Accompanying the wintry white hues mounting across our landscape is the sudden hush produced from its natural blanketing insulation, allowing our children's voices to echo repeats throughout the area. I knew exactly where they were located just by hearing the sound of their voices, bellowing voices of delight echoing far and wide, as they roamed around our property on a winter adventure this day.

It's a snowy day out there.

So guess how much it snowed since my last post?

Yes, they managed to play most of the
morning in the fresh fluffy white snow.

Making snow angels was the most fun to
watch of course.

Falling, falling, falling....