Monday, November 17, 2008

Autumn passes quickly #13

Forgotten Photos

I completely forgot about the following photos! Okay, so I confess these were not snapped on my camera, for (gasp) it wasn't in my possession (read purse here) to grab for a few quick shots at these lovely and fun sightings. Take a looksy though, and imagine them at their best even if I did use my cell phone instead of my camera.

If you compare these to the photos located within my last post entitled; "Autumn passes quickly, #12", you will note there is most definitely a vast difference within the time periods presented between the two, especially according to the shades of color within each of them. Timeline wise, there are just a few weeks between both sets (these particular shots came first, the "forgotten ones"...).

I'm a sap - I just know it. I just had to share with you the wonderfully vivid colors they capture for the inclusion in my scenes of Autumn photo challenge shots today, especially after finding them hiding in my computer archives.

And, the grand finale here;

Brownie points to the first person who can correctly identify these huge mounds below we caught on cell phone camera while driving just a few short blocks from our home. What are they? Try to guess and let me know. Answers next time...wink.

Come on! Be brave!
Take a guess at what these are...