Sunday, November 16, 2008

Preparing to move; Purging in progress

Preparing to move
Purging in progress first..

These days I attempt to grab an area of a room to sort through and organize as I prepare for the packing team who will arrive at my door on December 9th. Yes, momentarily I will have no choice on box contents moving with us if I don't get in gear here and begin a major purge and declutter tornado, gaining momentum and filling up all my senses with an overwhelming roar to MOVE it, GET rid of it, PURGE it and NOW. :-) Yes! I like to move it, move it lately - baby steps to get rid of yet another load of STUFF.

Torrential rains flooded some of our back property again

I feel like the raven in the back of our property after yesterday's flooding downpour. There he is, moving slowly about the water's edge formed there, methodically lifting up one leaf after the other in search of his dinner. Round and delectable juicy worms are the result of his laborious digging feats.

Like this large black feathery beaked bird, I too want to roll up my sleeves once the slightest bit of extra energy attacks me and zoom into action to find my own worms, only for me it is the deep sensation and pure satisfaction of a spiffy purge I dwell upon, and not a yummy feast at the end of my work blitz.

I felt like a kid in a candy store when I gathered many magazines from around the house this week, piling them into one zone to tend to them at long last. Another tall stack contained curriculum selections or catalogs in dire need of filing or junking.

The day's assignment - get rid of these piles!

Indeed I had read the bulk of them, though I was quite stunned over just how many were still residing and taking up space around the house. An entire year's worth of Martha Stewart could account for a heavy weight in a moving box, let alone all the other delightful reads I had enjoyed throughout this past year in this stack of fine goods. I hated to depart with them to be honest, but golly, this was not the time to become extra sentimental over fluffy material desires.

Rip, snip, cut, pull and tearing in progress

Feeling feisty and feeling mighty enough to conquer this day's assignment, I sought out and fetched my favorite kitchen scissors with the long cutting blades to make the duty ahead quicker. I took them in my hand, revved them up and began my task ahead of me, one page at a time. You see, I have a project in mind aside from purging from room to room. Oh yes, there is a project in the works, one I will share later on because it has something to do with a gift item for someone special to me. And that is about all I can whisper to you right now, in a hushed quiet sort of tone at that. Shhhh....

Ah yes! Many "good things" are here...

With scissors in hand, I snipped, and cut away while watching a stack growing from my production before me. And then, just as a young child might do, I ditched the scissors and began to rip and tear out all the things of interest to keep, perhaps a snippet of something delightful, a phrase, a saying. Or perhaps an entire article caught my eye. Wow, this began to appeal to me more and more - just rip and tear, and the snip neater later on. Later on another pile began to grow, remains which would soon find their way to the garbage can.

Mission accomplished!

Ah, sheer bliss! The stacks are now devoid of all that I wish to retain as my looting treasure, as for the rest these beloved magazines are ready to head for the recycling bin.

Alas, this was a day fit for celebrating! I had completed the task of the day on my grand list, and the stacks are on their way out my door. I see green up on the horizon, and green awaited me with my cup of hot steamy tea when I completed my task of this particular afternoon. Gee, I guess like the raven gets his wormy treat, there was also a reward at the end of my foraging.

Today a lovely white blanket of freshly fallen snow greeted us when waking, so yes, green and red will soon be our colors of choice.

Seeing green and red straight ahead

Advent will soon be here, so in honor of all the promises of new beginnings and a brand new church birthday included in this liturgical celebration, my next list contains assorted assignments for gathering everything for this occasion and keeping it near to us before it is lost in a sea of boxes directly ahead.