Friday, November 21, 2008

Filled with promise!

Filled with promise
and the hope of bright happy days

Paradise found

I thought I'd better post these photos taken only two weeks ago while Autumn was still in the air (wink). With wintry weather upon us now, these seem rather old in nature. Hard to believe they were just snapped.

The scene in the photo above sent joy through my senses when observing the children running and squealing into the treed/forest area. This will be our new backyard and where the trees begin, there are two acres of forest to explore and create great adventures within. In the Spring, we hope to carve out a grassy area and enter the forest to create trails, build forts and experience terrific imaginary play.
  • Sure we have work ahead of us.
  • Sure we promised another sports court and have plans to build one on the side of the house near the garage doors (tennis court sized this time).
  • Sure we have many hopes and dreams for our new life here. It's good to dream. It's good to have goals and it's great to be thinking happy thoughts! Only happy thoughts at that!
The photo below was taken on our new front porch, a perfect photo to send to the others back home. It was this day the children all began to warm up to the idea of our current moving necessity. A few smiles actually broke out while we visited the house this day. Bedrooms were selected (fought over), and all began to envision life on this new foreign frontier.

In just three weeks we will move here, a four hour trek from our current residence, in the hope of building a new life there. We will move to this area and once again have zero support system, enabling us to wear a paper bag over our heads again because no one will know who we are. Strangers once again.

The magnitude of this move is huge for there are many assorted reasons why we are moving again, not just for work purposes of course alone.

Smiles at last

Many of my close friends have me all figured out. They are praying for a support system to already be in progress for us before even moving there, great new medical care for my husband as promised, a church parish where we will feel an immediate sense of belonging, and of course, a great coffee shop! HA! Do they know me or what?

The coffee shop isn't just for my love of simple things, like hot steamy lattes and all, rather that's where the teens and I will sit several times each week for awhile. We found out we have no internet abilities in our new area, a rural area without system supports from local establishments.

However there is an Internet Satellite system available, but not until January. It is a steep commitment having to purchase the satellite for a mere 800.00 plus a monthly fee for the service. Has anyone out there used this type of system? I'd love to know how you like it and if it serves your needs or not. For the time being the teens will upload their school work for their online courses and download their subsequent lessons, and I will blog and return emails. We will sit with our laptops, sip our hot cuppas and giggle together over our new lifestyle, but the main thing is; "We'll be together to experience the wonder of it all."