Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remembrance Day

We wear a poppy
On Remembrance day,

And at eleven
We stand and pray.

Wreaths are put Upon a grave.
As we remember
Our soldiers brave.

Little Poppy

Little poppy
Given to me,
Help me keep Canada

Safe and free.

Within all the smaller local communities in our surrounding area, groups and individuals gather each year for a Remembrance Day tribute the Sunday before the actual date falls on the calendar.

Although there is an actual "Remembrance Day" ceremony in the larger city nearby, most of the smaller communities seem to proceed with a business as usual climate, at least, so it seems.

When we lived in the west in B.C., today was well known as a stat holiday to commemorate such a day, and children were not required to attend school and encouraged to attend a ceremony nearby as a school, or a community. Everything was closed for the day. Everyone wore a poppy to give honor to those who fought the battles in years past. Everyone!

Today I have a few lingering thoughts on this subject. Remembrance Day to me has always been the eleventh month, eleventh day, eleventh hour, eleventh minute - all of my life in fact!

Today I watched school buses drive down our country road proceeding to gather and drive local children to school within our rural area. School is still in session here. I wonder - Where is the respect on such a day? I'm only hoping it is still intact, and I'll give it all the benefit of a doubt, except our children's friends who are in school did not know of anything happening today which would render respect to this day. Today is the day. I know that for sure. My calendar still says so, and it's right where it should be in a few hours from now.

It was a gentle relief to note government businesses are actually closed today (so they should be!), but amazingly retail industry still ticks as usual, and even doctor offices are open. Why is that? Are we assisting in changing history by standing by and not doing our part today? Last Sunday was not Remembrance Day, but it's a nice thought many gathered to give tribute to it. But, as I said, are we changing history by allowing it to happen on the wrong day? Food for thought...

For these things - I wonder.... and strive to keep this day right where it belongs....today - November 11th!

Give honor today won't you? It's the least we can do, to stop what we're doing and pray for those still in battle around the world fighting for our freedoms.