Saturday, July 18, 2009

Action galore today, company too!

Our oldest son and his wife are in town for a short visit and we are enjoying this brand new day together.

It's already been a busy day here. It began by organizing our younger son and getting him off first thing this morning for his week long camp. It's too bad he won't have a lot of time with his older sibling but everything was last minute for our visitors to fly here. At least I was able to snap this photo above, catching the scene in the kitchen before leaving.

Yesterday all of the boys went off to enjoy a round of 18 holes of golf, three brothers aged 12-30 (very soon anyway). What are the odds of that happening for our family with most of separated by geographical distances, so this was heart warming for us to note. The girls enjoyed time together, cruising beaches, playing with the dogs, dodging mosquitoes, and making puzzles. :-)

Workers continue to hover about the property, yesterday's work resulted in "Murphy's Law" aplenty when they accidentally cut through out telephone lines. Oops! Having too much happening here all at once has been adrenaline rattling, though admittedly it truly has been quite exciting to watch the activity progress. My hubby is smiling and very pumped! I am too! In fact, we are all pumped to see this progress.

Here is just a glimpse of what I speak of today in the front area, the very same spot we "thought" our family had tackled with our mammoth workbee day together blogged about HERE. Not so though as it just began to grow and grow even more after we cleared it. So, we bit the dust and hired out, and boy did the men work HARD getting our front area cleared for good, underbrush and more trees cut down. I think though once you see for yourself in the photos below just what the end result turned out to be, you'll agree it was a fabulous decision to get outside help for this area.

More orange paint on the front trees, those doomed to be knocked down.

See all of the orange paint out there?
What a jungle we live in!

New soil, eight loads so far around the property!

Eight men, One Bobcat, One Tractor, Hours of Labour!

Bare ... well almost

Our load of beautiful looking bark mulch
Ta da!

The grass seed has been spread on all of the areas you see that aren't mulched as designated garden beds.

Doesn't this look so much better? We are completely satisfied and so happy with the result! We were even able to have the owner use his tractor to move the concrete planters left at the house when we moved in out further away from the house nearer to the gardens. Soon, soon, soon - we will have green grass around the front jungles, and simple maintenance will be easy to perform with a lawn tractor.

Our chipmunk city was disrupted under this area, and we've already seen several of those silly critters active in consuming our grass seed. Hopefully that won't last long and the grass grows really well. It's guaranteed to grow, at least that's what the landscapers have told us, critters or not.
I'll be back to show you the back later on...more, much more to come.