Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Random Summertime Photography Challenge Invitation

For me, the month of July equates to absolute SUMMERTIME FUN which also means I can go ahead and kick back while catching a few random photos with my camera, pointing it to whatever tickles my fancy. Yep, I get to sneak around and capture stolen moments, freeze them in the depths of my lens right down to my memory cards to savor for later. Yum! (laugh)

One thing I can be sure of is I will definitely be continuing to snap away when I am thickly involved in the many projects and goals throughout my summertime days. I've just missed too many of those moments since hurting my pointer finger, so it seems fitting and a great excuse to make up for lost time.

....... drumroll please......

I have decided to have some fun during the months of July and August snapping (multitudes) of RANDOM and/or maybe even ODD photos that just seem to have a whimsy flair or personalized essence about them. I want to upload them here, bits at a time over the days to come.

May I present an open invitation to all of my family, friends and cyber readers to come along and gulp back a challenge to join the fun. Consider all of my presentations likened to hosting a fun photography type of art show of sorts. What fun possibilities lay before me! Woohoo!

Let's be real here..... maybe there will be a few photos which you find yourself not very fond of, maybe others on the other hand that you might love. For those photos you simply are not fond of, that is all okay with me, no worries in fact but then too - no apologies either (blush). Just know if they are weird, wild or wonderfully bizarre, they might represent something "special" or "sentimental" for me.

Perhaps a fond moment will be fittingly felt beyond the photo for others besides myself, maybe no words will be necessary at all. This is my hope anyway, just to share and indulge in the freedom of *random summertime photography fun*.

All I really know for sure though is I am going to carry my camera everywhere with me (like I don't already, huh?) and sock it to ya! Actually I have no idea at this moment exactly what my subjects will be but my eye will always be speculating things to shoot.
Care to join in the fun with me, because I would love to have you on board;

  • Show and tell, or just show.
  • No rules!
  • No guidelines!
  • Just plain ole fun!
Enjoy the random shots and don`t be shy, let me know what you think of each presentation. Dare I challenge you to join in the fun? (wink, nudge, wink)

So, are you in ?
eel free to drop me a note and let me know)