Saturday, July 18, 2009

Random Summertime Photography Challenge: 7

A time to declutter and get organized. Sometimes that means revisiting old friends newly discovered and thoroughly enjoyed.

Recent renewed hobbies include great logic boons with a zest for all sorts of interest in puzzle making. It begins like a small spark with one person pulling out a long loved puzzle and taking it to a common area where others pass by often. And just as one tiny spark can become a roaring fire, very soon others join in, stealing the chairs of the initiators when they vacate them, even for a moment. Chaos can result if charity doesn't reign supreme, and then an atmosphere of "sharing" eventually takes over. :-)
Eventually when evening falls, the deed of puzzle making becomes near completion and then (gasp), the initiator becomes frustrated when bedtime arrives and she knows she can no longer be an active participant in her own project. She knows how determined the rest of the bystanders are, just itching to see it all intact. She frets. She ponders. She's sad...but opts to say goodnight and be a good sport about everything.

Early in the morning, the completed puzzle is revealed when she rounds the bend into the room where the puzzle remains in full view. With sleepy eyes she refocuses and notes there are a few remaining pieces nearby awaiting the grand finale, courtesy of course of those who just couldn't seem to control their own determinations to see it through. Well, they almost saw it through but decided to appease their little sister instead. Nice.

After the fact, all seem to be hooked on this hobby pastime, sensing the feeling of satisfaction from the therapeutic joy of being a part of this fun activity.

Today, another puzzle awaits, with outer edges almost complete to create the shell of the task ahead.

Determination. Team work. Bonding. Family.

Ahhhhhh, summer - a time for pastimes where least expected and surprising bonding moments occur round a table, and all are satisfied with being a part of the team work for a job well done!