Friday, July 24, 2009

Random Summertime Photography: 11

Those "lazy days of summer" aren't necessarily afforded for all to have every single day. Here in our home, if the daily chore list's assignments allow for anyone to moan and groan about getting on with their day (work and then play is my motto), very soon, the chore list becomes even longer once our girls in particular arrive at the barn.

Children need to be taught the importance of "seeking balance" between work and play - no matter their ages. The initial loafing around and unwinding after the completion of a school year is a necessary thing, but only to a point. It can easily become possible to turn this unwinding into some serious and debilitating slothfulness. We've definitely noticed though, all girls who are hopelessly horse-loving by nature; seem to realize quite quickly the balance between work and play.

With regards to horse care and riding times, there really is no pleasurable experience without basic chores both before and after the fun, a perfect balanced offering to all those who are involved. The poop and scooping I shared in yesterday's post is real folks.

Piles and piles of the poopy stuff lurk around every week, and that my friend is the reality of true horse loving fun.

Still, the smelly offerings do not discourage those seeking a good day's ride upon one of the thirty some hairy beasts at our local barn. It's a given that all laborious tasks completed well and on time only merit and offer more room for moments of added pleasure.

Any time is horse time.
(Just ask my girls!)

If you can bear along with me, I'll be carrying a bit of a "horse theme" over the next week - just catching up a bit more with the family and friends on our girls' horse crazy love-in in recent days.

Summer - a time for horse riding. And it's a topic that has our girls currently - living, breathing and dreaming about these days.

Chores first. Ride later. :-) Mom isn't the only one tooting the slogan. Gotta love that!