Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Horse Camp Week

A few scenes from a summer horse camp!

A fun and exciting five day event in our home when our girls brush, scoop, clean, wash, ride, and sweat on hairy beasts. They think it's a terrific summertime activity and if they had the chance, no doubt they would opt to head for the barn from sun up to sun down, daily that is.

Participating in a summer horse camp is a time for gulping back a love of the friendly horse in every way possible. We are loving the fact the horse barn is a walk away from us in this new home. So close and so tempting to take a walk just to stroke the mane of another friendly beast each day....all thirty+ of them.

She's loving her horse camp

While our younger daughter took part in her assigned week for horse camp, our older daughter rolled up her sleeves with her horse-loving friends and pitched in to assist 11 young horse crazy girls all week long.

The benefits of a horse camp are many, the sun, the fun, the horse fix to be sure = and both girls sleep very sound at night.

Loving every minute at the barn any way she is able to be there, this is a helper extraordinaire to the horse instructor. She finds it a pleasure to work and work hard she does.

Her tasks are many and little ones have
come to reply on her reliable assistance.

When something needs to be done,
she knows just what to do.

And when the girls need a break,
they know when the time is right to take one