Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Memories of a Summer Visit

They say a picture tells a thousand words. What no one tells you really is that this is the simplicity of photo perusing; no words are ever necessary, rather only hearts become all a-flutter with memories pulled forth from the wonderful moments captured, now tucked away in time capsule tucked away in the deep recesses of our hearts.

Memories. These are things that last!

How the memories linger on...

The instant Polaroid photo at the top was taken following a stupendous dinner celebration together by a waitress, with double birthday fanfare for both my hubby and son (whose own day is coming up). What a surprise to find the restaurant catered to such an occasion by delivering birthday cake slices with a candles burning on top to both men.

Surprise guys! Two birthday celebrations!

Hamming it up....as usual....LOL

When the waitress called attention to all surrounding patrons, a fun and very (loud) festive atmosphere provided for the typical comedy these two can deliver for all in their sudden claim to fame audience (who are obviously "in the moment" with us) before them, when they were asked to stand up and everyone was encouraged to sing along for them. As the tambourine clanked, what a big bunch of giggles arose.

This was the real birthday celebration evening for my hubby.
Can you see why I take the photos around here?

Of course we're a crazy family. We prove it all of the time, so sometimes no words are necessary. When siblings gather, things can be busy but in general time together flows quite well.

Hail, hail the gang's here!

Just ask the rest of the bunch who were enthralled with our company. Of course the boys HAD to go golfing, and that they did! What are the chances of getting three sons together like this, gotta do it! Problem? No photos of all three at the golf course. One son took this below, so thankfully we got one anyway.

Of course the girls HAD to show off their horse love, and took our daughter in law on a trail ride high in a saddle. Problem? No one took photos there either. Darn! She was here however when the older two offered their services to stock up the barn for hay season before the next summer storm was due to arrive that same night. (*I* got photos - so they are to come, laugh)

Many hours were spent doing those things families do; resting, playing games, making puzzles, watching movies, listening to music, making meals, doing dishes, having naps; all those things people do when especially when they are on vacation like our son and his wife were. :-)

Just me and my sister in love

Just me and my big bro!
A little Father and Son time

Whoosh! How swiftly 30 years has gone by!

Happy Birthday again in advance.
Enjoy blowing out your candles one more time. Either way, it's still a new decade ahead for you.

We Love both of YOU! Miss you already....