Monday, July 13, 2009

Restoring order to this room

Perhaps this blog post could be titled, Week in Review, #6 as it is just one more pressing item on the summertime to-do list checked off. The timing to complete this goal was not my own, rather the rain completely dictated when an indoor day would be at hand. Among other activities or goals on the checklist, this was one I dreaded the most.

All of our children used to share bedrooms together, often there were up to three or more in each bedroom as they all grew. One by one the older ones grew up, moved away and married. And then, one fateful day, my hubby was awarded the doom of a work transfer so that we would move across our country away from half of our family members.

Now that we live in the east, our four remaining children have all been afforded their own private bedrooms. With great months of terrible withdrawal, they are now used to having their own space and find it quite inviting to refresh and find solace when necessary in a hubbub of life amidst a busy home.

At first I was dreading this task and then as the time wore on, I soon realized with ease this child was much more organized and less of a packrat than his younger sister, a surprise to me.

Moving the furniture around was the easy part

The worst part of course was the continuous discovery of the laundered and folded clothing dropped on the closet floor because his drawers weren't organized right and there was frustration mounting for him not being able to set his clothing inside of them with ease. Since this would be considered a "hot spot", we cooled it off first thing.

Another area of concern was this new-to-him desk, a hand me down from being damaged during our move and now replaced for my hubby's home office. We thought this would be a nice area for him to store and play his new hobbies, and so it was set up with that intention in mind for his playtimes.

Everyone needs a drawer where they can throw the little things in without worry of how to sort it out in the end or what it will look like. Since these were all similar in nature, they were tossed here. When the drawer is shut, it's lovely how it all just disappears!

A little shot for our Vancouver Canuck fans out there. This was a gift to our son from older siblings, a treasured possession and something he counts on for rising in the morning.

Another check mark rests on the goals' to-do list, another task now complete that won't need to be accomplished next month. Who would have guessed how much success we have already seen this summer around here. Another green garbage bag now rests ready to offer to the garbage man this week and another large bag awaits the rest of the goodwill offerings to get to the local thrift store's next run.

How sweet it is!