Saturday, July 11, 2009

Week in review, #4


Ah, the lazy, hazy days of summer.
  • Time off school.
  • Time to chill and unwind.
  • Time well spent seeking the water's edge.
  • Time spent working on becoming good stewards, not wasting too many idle hours during the extra longer daylight hours of summertime.
  • Time well spent taking stock of overdue household chores and crossing them off the list as time permits to complete them.
  • A time to work and a time to play.
  • Balance is the key!
Okay, so vacation time came for my hubby and the rains fell, hard. Our plan B came into effect .... and a workbee progressed as planned mostly on impulse according to the weather for the day.

Much has been completed around our home. The joys of owning a home are usually loaded with a to-do list at the best of times. The decision to purchase this newer home rather than the other favorite on our house hunting list was the fact it was "newer", and not once did we EVER dream we'd have so much to do!

I could type up at least three pages of deficiencies here and bore you to tears, and still you wouldn't believe what we've encountered. From the mice in the kitchen, to the leaky roof with water pouring into our garage, the faulty hot water heat, the faulty gas meter that required changing, the gas leak in the dryer vent, live electrical outlets without covers tucked away inside of cupboards, plumbing leaks and sprays all around the rooms they are situated in, and no doubt, without continuing on and on.... you likely understand the picture here.

Over this past two weeks, we have opted to take advantage of "rainy days" and create another list of sorts, a "done list" with checked marks proudly noted next to each item. However, it hasn't arrived without much frustration, especially not knowing whether we were working outdoors or indoors, depending of course on - the weather every day!

Here is a small fraction of "the list" of successes, sweet and wonderful successes! :-)

When it wasn't raining...
  • - Both decks were installed well, and are now complete.
  • The smaller original temporary deck was moved and newly installed over here. It is now even preserved and painted.
We have a deck!
We can exit our home to the back of our property now! Yes!
  • - Caulking was required along the wooden edges against the stone on the house exterior, LOTS of caulking!
  • - Six square yards of road mulch pave gravel arrived requiring a good old fashioned wheelbarrow and shovel manual laborious detailing.

  • Rock was hauled and moved to fill up the dips in the driveway and near to the garage and door areas situated near them.
  • - Landscape paper was rolled out underneath both decks to prepare the earth below for the rock to come. Several family members began the task when monsoon rains drenched the earth and everyone ended up with a thick and slimy coating of mud on clothing, shoes, face, hands and even in hair. No one was allowed in the house until they had hosed off outside first, at least to rid their clothing and body of the muck found on them before hitting the laundry room.
  • - Rock was hauled to the back deck area, the large one on the day described above, and all workers began using individual buckets to scoop up and empty where delegated.
  • - Wooden borders were installed around the underpart of the deck where the rock was delivered by hand laborers drenched in mud.
  • - The grassed area underneath of both staircases to the larger deck were removed and the areas were replaced with rock.
  • - Our dogs run required attention especially after an entire winter of ruining the grass under their feet. The pile of wood chips left by the tree fallers came in handy when our older son used the wheelbarrow and hauled load after load up to create an comfortable base around the dogs' house and gate area where mud gathered from the ground being uneven.
  • - The pots with plants from the cartage of moving here were moved from their original spots and all the grass underneath required TLC for a major improvement, especially since the bird nest located in one of the trees in one of those pots were now gone. Gardens will be carved out soon, shrubs/florals will either be transplanted or taken from existing pots and planted, with a layer of landscape paper and rockery atop for a finishing easy care detailing. (When i have nothing better to do, right? LOL)
  • - The smaller deck moved to the other side of the house was in dire need of painting protection and the task of doing that is now complete. The larger deck will have to "cure" and won't be painted until next year.
The smaller deck was in dire need of painting. Done!

Last but not least, among many other things still to complete....
  • - Our generator (a real blessing that came with this home) was serviced, and once each week revs up to ensure all is working just fine. We are now absolutely prepared for winter in the coming months with this baby! See my grin?
Oh, and respiratory physiotherapy is still in session, six hours each week so it has been very helpful for bodily movement functions to acquire ongoing "conserving energy" techniques to assist with the day to day activities our family participates in. God is good!