Wednesday, July 29, 2009

BBQ - "Can-Do"!

So happy to have his BBQ up and running

When one suffers from a physical disability, specifically a degenerative lung disease which very often inhibits the enjoyment of some of life's most simple pleasures, turning the negatives of "I can't do that" into a positive of "I've found another way to do that", has proved to be the only way to overcome emotional and emergent respiratory onsets which can prove utmost difficult or even pose a serious risk of danger to breathing in general.

If there's one thing my husband was forced to recon with and now has begun to learn all anew, that would be remembering to use his conserving energy tips each day. While focusing on his in-hospital seven week admission during his rigorous respiratory physiotherapy bootcamp earlier this year, the topic was frequented but the idea of remembering (!) to turn all of the "can't do's" into "can do's" has been really tough.
We are on a "Can Do" tangent in our home, rather my hubby is trying to keep focused on grasping the absolute importance it with every move he makes to reap positive residuals. (We help him too because we nag him all of the time, laugh. Actually, we use tough love because he never gets away with anything around here now that we've also grown accustomed to what he's supposed to do, often attempting to enlighten him with even more positive "Can Do" list ideas.)

At first the idea of even dreaming up such a positive list on purpose seemed daunting and completely overwhelming because the negative side was initially much longer than the positive side. Over time though things began to come more natural for mentally checking off and beginning to omit the difficult things, even eliminating some altogether for future self inflicted pressures.

Seeking assistance from others for a task one can easily do instead - by nature for any man becomes a bit of a pride issue, a "man-thing" to be sure, because the preference is to DO IT if he can, but with the passing of each week, my hubby began to realize it was just absolutely necessary to maintain optimal energy and even keeled breathing abilities by enlisting others into his work. Now he asks for help. Well sometimes. Actively pursuing change for "what one normally would to do by nature", as opposed to what "one should be doing instead to conserve important energies" is not easy, so often baby steps continue to be in progress instead of those leaps and bounds we would instead prefer to behold. For the person affected in this type of situation, it becomes intensely frustrating!

During all of the my hubby's assigned "conserving energy" classes each day with his occupational therapists while he was in hospital for those seven weeks, instructions and practical scenarios were offered in a mock apartment setting inside of the hospital building for use of being taught and then practicing many assorted daily tasks using all new tips and ideas for eliminating panic breathing and shortness of breath.

Just a few of the very helpful notes for
conserving energy during everyday tasks

As a bonus to his long period of time spent as an in-hospital patient, his love of cooking began to spin into a whole new realm with his attention during rest periods given to watching the FOOD channel. I've posted many photos on this blog with the "In my kitchen" activities of the weekend cooking specialties he offered the to the family and to our overnight guests.

He's hooked on cooking and it has become a "Can Do" for the positive side of the list. It's a great "Can Do" on our list because it can span many ways to other interests including gardening, growing fresh herbs, pantry selections, restaurant appreciation and other FOOD Network food programs to learn from. He is currently really enjoying our own Mission -B.C.'s "100 square mile challenge" (CLICK HERE). We know two of the participants who are attempting to change their lifestyles dramatically and endure the challenge time frame.

During summertime, he can hardly wait to use his mucho macho barbecue again with the manly oversized cooking tools he flings around while sizzling up good meals. They really are supersized tools too folks, perfect for a man who wishes to scoop up four burger patties at a time as opposed to one. All joking aside, his barbecue now all hooked up, outdoor feasting has begun again. That is if the weather permits and he uses his "conserving energy" tips for taking breaks by getting off of his feet while cooking.

During my hubby's hospital stay, an entire manual was handed out and used as necessary during every class he attended. The handouts inside of it have provided brand new life changing hope and positive reinforcement for handling many situations my hubby comes up against in his daily living activities. It's been a godsend to be sure to retain this manual in a handy location for use as reference material review when necessary, or just plain ole reminders are pointed out from other's reading it to say things like; "Here's a stool dear, sit a spell while that cooks."
Principle reminders of why conserving energy is necessary
The food photos within this post were snapped after I became spellbound and began drooling over his new creation before me, all wrapped in foil at the end of the big production and cooked to perfection.

For this BBQ cooking food packet - my hubby used;

  • few red potatoes
  • zucchini
  • mushrooms
  • sage leaves
  • buttermilk mixed into the wee bit of sour cream left in its container
  • minced garlic
  • salt/pepper to taste.
Each item was layered one by one to build the most sensational BBQ packet I think he's ever created before. I am the one who usually does the veggie packets and additions around here but after this presentation I will nominate him to make this yummy delight again and again. Yum, it was great!

During our visit with our oldest son and his wife over this past week, they were able to enjoy the culinary cooking he provided on a few of their days here. Not only was this one of them served during this visit, but the Sunday morning brunch meal consisted of a "Southwestern Mexican egg dish with a dollop of salsa, wrapped inside of toasted soft tortilla shell" in honor of our daughter in law who was born and raised in San Diego, California. It was a real cute idea and she was pleased with his spicy nutritional efforts.

My Chef at home offers his family a tremendous "CAN DO" attitude!
  • **LOVE my man!**
  • **LOVE a great attitude!**
  • Love it!
  • Love every itty bitty thing about it!
  • Love him to bits!