Saturday, July 11, 2009

When calm and chaos collide...

A calming space is unimaginatively interrupted!
Ahhhhhhhh, a wee space providing plenty of "calm" to any weary soul, a spot to retreat from the craziness of the world and just sit, and be. This is the small deck off our master bedroom, we finally have a deck and we love it!

Calm and Chaos often collide when small-itty-bitty insects, mosquitoes in particular continue to pose a pesky annoyance for us, and the "calm" we often attempt to seek is occasionally interrupted by whole families of these guys flying way too up close and personal to allow them a giant feeding frenzy.

And as each one becomes slapped, smacked, or the fly swatter squashes them to create polka dot red stains on the walls, we can only assume there will always be more over time. And there always is....many more in fact.

There are those moments when I raise the blind up early in the morning to allow the sun to greet us on a brand new day, and there below, spoiling my ritual moment will be another dead mosquito. ugh, ugh, ugh

CHAOS, or nature study? LOL

Some of the MANY bottles varieties located here.
And when relief isn't enough, and one continues to wake in the wee hours of the morning to wings buzzing around ears, it's time to bring on the BIG GUYS!

The STINGER is an ultra insect killer and we just can't hardly WAIT until we get this device plugged in and hung out back. It must be 25 feet from the home, and an automatic sensor detects nightfall to illuminate a light inside to attract up to ONE ACRE of pesky pests! Oh yeah! Bring on the big guns! Oh yeah, let's here the sapping and zipping and be free at long last from these blood sucking insects!

I'll be sure to let you know if this is a great investment.....or not.
Oh yeah - we brought out the big guns...and it has arrived just in time to hang up before the bulldozer arrives on Monday! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Imagine the multitude that will become airborne once that machine parades throughout the back forest to flatten and prepare the land for grass seed. I'm clapping my hands already, and I know, I know, you have to be here to simply come to appreciate such a simple pleasurable device such as this one promises to be.