Thursday, July 09, 2009

Dragon Birthday Cake

"Mom, you didn't have time to make the dragon cake for St. George's feast day this year. Can you make it for the boys when we get together to celebrate our birthdays?"
And so, his wish was my command. I began to assemble items for creating yet another reptilian cake for this special occasion. What better type of cake to have for a party gathering with a big group of boys anyway. And with one of the boys suffering from a nut allergy, one could not be more careful about baking, cooking, and serving snacks throughout the day.

Our cake this time featured;
- 2 - 9 inch circular chocolate cakes
- 1 - 8 1/2 x 11 inch yellow cake

Cutting, carving and creating

Stacking the cake higher than usual,I needed MORE for many boys present.

Instead of cutting, carving and assembling the cake just as we had last year (
see here!), I stacked the cake onto another layer below it to raise it higher and beef up the food supply for a batch of hungry boys.

Yum! Chocolate covered graham wafers!
(And the guarantee was valuable this day with the proclamation of a nut and transfat free.)

Decorating items were simple; some square chocolate covered graham crackers, white jelly beans, fruit leather (a combo one of red and yellow, something new on the market to have dual colors on one fruit leather, but used to my advantage for the fire effect), hershey chocolates for eyes and nose, and that's about it.

We chose a "moss green" coloring to add into the frosting which was mixed with whipping cream for a very smooth and easy icing detailing. A few sculpting knife moves and voila, we have a reptile growing in the kitchen.

Moss green was the choice color this time (I know it doesn't look like it here though, sorry),
only a bit darker though than our tree green from last year's cake.

The making of a dragon cake is very thrilling, especially once the icing is all on the cake and the decorating can begin to bring the character to life.

And so the day progressed after the cake was completed. The boys were so easy to have over, all eight of them together just doing what they do best - visit, and enjoy one another's company. I was amazed at their ease of spontaneity, the way they melded and loved the absence of conflict of any sort. Usually that in itself is not entirely absent when brothers are present and "bug" one another at best. Nope, none of that took place at all. The big bonus? They thought we had the most room for the table play in the garage, so all have requested to come back again next month. Sure boys! Come...

Play On!