Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Classic Photo Booth Stories...

Classic Photo Booths!

We all have some classic photo booth stories, that I'm sure of.

Look through your old albums and realize this is so.

Classic Photo Booth Known Facts;

- I admit to being a keeper of many of these crazy black and white beauties.

- Many of my own grown children have many of these crazy photos too.

- You see booths such as the one in the photo above in almost every shopping mall.

- Folks of all ages are forever scowling at those dreaded booths for their outrageous pricing.

- Parents sneak in when their kids aren't with them.

- Sisterchicks get them right away and when the friendship blossoms, they bring them out again over a cup of hot tea to giggle at.

- It's a known fact that surely all photos taken in such a photo booth, never turn out without looking like hearty mug shots.

- All agony aside, these booth pictures are classics, sure to be saved and laughed at over and over again throughout the years.

Yes, he usually blinks like this, but I wouldn't trade this photo for anything at our age, walking down memory lane to the time and place it was snapped.

Go ahead!

I dare you!

Sneak into a booth today with your spouse or buddy friend.

Be assured no one sees you behind that hanging black curtain, so go for it, act as crazy as the moment offers, for at least one minute or more, and know you aren't the only one who ever did this silly thing. And if you stand at just the right angle, leaning against the booth inconspicuously in front of the alcove deposit area the final photos fall in to, no one else will see the true daring you - but yourself, that is, unless of course you might wish to share it with another.

If you're shy, keep your silly secret, file them away in a time capsule, an archival unit to blow everyone away in later years with your daring and bold initiative. Likely while you're sharing, others will confess to having some hidden away too, stories of the classic photo booth everyone complains about with thier high prices for instant satisfaction....that is....if you dare....

Truth be known; these instant mug shots will become beloved favorites you will actually treasure some day. I promise!