Friday, October 06, 2006

Head Gear...

Got Head Gear?

Many varieties of sporting "head gear" have hit the market and surfaced on store shelves since my more youthful days. Protective head gear has its place for sensitive safety issues and one can appreciate its purpose certainly, though additionally once purchased, they begin compounding into more sporting gear storage in general and ultimately adding additional costs for parents. If children wish to participate in an activity requiring compulsary head gear, they can't play without it, so the purchase is inevitable.

These two gals of ours require mandatory head gear during their time at horse riding lessons, currently both are being borrowed from the riding club stash stored in the owner's barn.

In time they will have their own, when and if that is, we feel like dishing out additional funds for that specific purpose as there is no hurry we are told by the instructor. Incidentally, these aren't cheap, leaving us to proclaim other current head gear such as bicycle helmets are absolutely the deal of the century price wise in comparison. No matter though, head protection is a good idea, for all sports including our older ones who have begun to wear them during their hockey (sons!), cycling, baseball batting, and snow boarding blitzes. Way to go gang!

Got Gear?

Got your head gear?

Wear it!