Thursday, October 19, 2006

Slicers and Dicers.

"Many hands make the work light."

Slicers and Dicers helping out

Doesn't this look scrumptious?

Yesterday was a "bonding time" in the kitchen, with all four slicers and dicers on hand to chop, peel, dice, create and assist mom for a while. Living in a farming community provides for much fresh harvest produce, but the fridge was screaming to deal with the overload and yesterday was the day for it.

One crew was responsible for the chopping of fruit only, (lots of fruit!) resulting in an extremely large fresh fruit salad (think the largest Tupperware bowl possible), peeling and chopping up the mango, kiwis, bananas, oranges, apples, plums, and many pears. Squeezing the fresh lemon juice on top and adding chopped pineapple and a coconut topping, it was ready to blend the flavors and be refrigerated for morning treats with a sprinkle of granola on top. Yummy yum!

Fruit salad beginnings, pears and apples first...

His sister sneaked this picture

The next crew was responsible for vegetable chopping, peeling and dicing. Together we created the fixings for a large vegetable platter to nibble on immediately, assisted me with the ingredients for a (very large) stew, and a rather large sized cauliflower and leek soup.

Fresh parsley

Vegetable fixings for the beginning of my pot of stew.

Peeling the carrots and zucchini were one thing, however the large white onions weren't a popular task for the resulting weepy eyes all the crew working directly near the scent, experienced soon afterward. These two dinner fare items however would be more than welcome on a chilly day, something scrumptious to have with fresh and hot homemade buns from the oven.

Vegetables for the fixings of a cauliflower and leek soup

At the end of the "bonding" kitchen session, with much chatting along the way to get through the detailed tasks, the result was; a fridge completely washed and scoured, garbage removed and taken out, floors were damp mopped, dishes were washed and put away with the glorious ending being a very tidy kitchen. My small group of kitchen slaves were happy to depart for the sports court to play hockey and gulp down some fresh air for the duration of their time before dinner.

Ah, the dinner fare for this evening (including a fresh green salad) is already assembled, begining to smell great, so I think I'll look forward to a nice hot cup of tea later this afternoon, book in hand, sitting outside on the back porch all bundled up, taking time to read, sip and observe the tweety birdies at our feeder.

The fridge is still full, just in another way now.