Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Jack and Jackies

Guess what we did around here this week?

Jacks and Jackies

"Eau de pumpkin" aroma filled the kitchen air with its autumn scent this week, not a scent as special as a pumpkin latte delight however, or my pumpkin spice candles for that matter, when glowing brightly, filling the room with its ambiance.

Hard at work

We stopped at a farmer’s stand, perched atop an old hay wagon, filled with an incredible fresh garden selection, at the end of his driveway. I'd been keeping my eyes open since the weekend for discounted pumpkins, as I wanted to buy a few to cook and freeze for future usage, and also for making fresh pumpkin pies.

Washing up the new pumpkins for outdoor decor,
then soon to be steaming and fully cooked to freeze.

Sunshiny color!

Currently they are all lined up looking quite festive for the October harvest time of year, and this is what everyone seems to be doing around here in the country, so we too, have a pumpkin walkway to brighten and shine up some happy hearts with the obvious sunny thoughts they produce, as folks either walk, ride their horse, or drive by. We’ve caught many smiles this way which is very nice. A blessing to see happy faces.

Pumpkins all in a row!

Three good sports gathered around to make Jack and Jackie feel at home today, preparing them to use candles inside of to illuminate their sweet and happy faces all week long. There seemed to be less mess this year with older children working hard at their creations. One more will pop in later to carve his, so for now, here’s a peak into the “crafty” moments, as you can just imagine too, the icks and the loudly expressed yucks,doing this produced.

Oh Mom, do I have to do this?

To be placed in the oven for a yummy snack

I like my happy Jack, just like in the book
called "Mousekins golden house" read to me this week.

We were informed at this time of year, there are many events taking place around almost every community corner on family farms offering their homesteads for family gatherings, with hay wagon rides, games, costume judging, fireworks and simple harvest celebrations to participate in, therefore our All Hallows Eve tonight is a mere precursor for us today, as we will happily venture out the “Feast of All Saints Day” tomorrow, a day most children in the area have off of school because it’s a feast da with huge events where the children arrive dressed as their favorite Saint for the guessing game giggles as requested. There are prizes offered to motivate the imaginations for children to gather in delightful showy outfits, a potluck lunch to begin with for all to feast on, and so many other activities, candy (ugh) and much to do. This activity is a lovely old fashioned habit amongst small town farming communities and it's sure beginning to grow on us to hear of them, observe them and take part in them.

More to come…