Thursday, October 12, 2006

Winter Wonderland!

Winter Wonderland

Fess up!

You didn't believe me did you?

Cold gusts of wind were filled with hail and icy snow at times.

What strange weather we experienced today with frequent pattern changings all day long. Sudden black clouds drifted overhead, building up thick white fog, creeping up from the ground, and snow falling at record speeds to create a winter "white out" at best.

Sudden big black clouds came overhead and
freezing show and hail fell from the skies...

Temperatures rose and fell all day. In between the coldest moments, just as sudden as the black snowy clouds with some lightning dropped in to visit, dramatic thick white fluffy clouds, with the bluest of blue skies, appeared afterwards. With that lovely blue sky, one had to shake their heads as the sun shone brightly, warming the grounds for a time and melting away much of the snow in between the individual snow falls.

Was it really snowing?

In October?

Gosh, winter already with fall only just beginning?

As I type this up, the children are bundled up and outside, meandering over the white fields of snow, wearing in their new "thickly lined" winter boots.

Take a look at the snow he gathered up so quickly.

One is making snow angels on the back porch, the others took a walk to the back of the property. The pups still have no idea what has happened in their young lives today as they are taken in and out for walks through the wet, white snow.

Blue jays love this new food.

The birds visit occasionally at our feeder, then scoot away when the wind drives them to flee into the warmth of their nests or the safety of a thick tree.

A northern cardinal braved the winds to grab a quick bite.

Most bizarre and wonky weather seen here in years, and for us, at this moment, the sun is shining again after approximately four inches of snow this time around.

Crazy! But the beauty we were able to capture in between each and every sudden blackened moment in the day, was the reward to be thankful for. Just look at it below!

Glorious sun shone brightly in between each stormy snow fall.