Thursday, October 12, 2006

What we're watching...

Guess what we've been watching?

Season 1 DVDs

A truly classic character has once again come to life in our home! We purchased this original, very first "Superman" television series from Costco superstores recently. We were hoping for promising entertainment value, family friendly too, for our Friday night flicks, knowing all too well though in advance, with this very same purchase, ultimately there would be serious "consequences", with "Superman" not only proceeding in saving the day within each dvd disk on the screen, but the subsequent instigations and whetting of the appetites, in our children's heads, for both fueling and culling more imagination, towards juicy and dramatic ideas, sure to create just enough chaos around the house.

Yes, faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, it's a bird, it's a plane, NOPE, it's SUPERMAN!!!!

Season 2 DVDs

George Reeves starred as the Kryptonian crusader who came to Earth and fought for truth, justice and the American way, in the classic adventure series that ran in syndication from 1952-1957. With Phyllis Coates as Lois Lane, the black and white series is thrilling, family friendly and very entertaining. Admittedly, the quality isn't that of the modern age, nor does it have tremendous graphic fare, nor include color techonology, but the action is still "G" rated, and thrilling to kids and parents alike. A word of caution though, as I mentioned above; everyone begins flying lessons, from couch edges, trampolines, beds, and those flying red capes are flapping around the house, speeding briskly around every corner, as superman saves the day once more.

Ahhhhhh, these are the great years for our children to pretend, have fun, and be anyone they want to be, either for a minute, an hour, or all day. This thing called childhood is a time for parents to sit back and just enjoy the ride. Even newsmakers have decidedly scooped out and poured forth a story (Give kids more free playtime docs urge) hoping to send the very same, and exact message into our homes.

Children need to play they say!

Yah, yah, we all know that already right?

I know "I" need to play, and love when my friends can come out to play with me...laugh.

Behaving like a big kid at heart is not all that bad at appropriate moments, when the stresses of life force us to become rigid and astute in our composures most of the time. There are fitting moments to embrace ideas of relaxation and imagination, allowing for a childlike outlook and enjoying the rush of giggles it will likely produce by the end of the day (or set timing). "Adult playtime" is something the doctors forget to remind us of in the news these days for sure!

Another season, there are 160 episodes
in six seasons altogether...

Alas, doctors such as these become naysayers, truly having no clue what goes on inside THIS home (or others like ours), playtime being a non-structured chunk of the time during the afternoon hours daily, where mom just sits back observing the antics, and smiles at the amazing talent roaming around here, with kids doing crazy things I should be video taping for "America's funniest home videos". It's impossible to see any visible shortage of creativity, activity, and memories made from this topic around this home, though I shudder to think, and just can't imagine what would surface, should we purchase the second and third "Superman series after this one, witnessing what sort of imaginative childhood play it's already encouraged with children egging on one another "in character", at least, so far.

It's kind of delightful to have a Clark Kent around to save the day!

Nah, no worries of children's play time here! All of our children have been blessed with overactive imaginations at the best of times, never fearing to display it for others to see. This topic will be continued...