Monday, October 23, 2006

Flying Fall Foilage

Despite the record snows in October, there are most definitely four distinct seasons to admire and enjoy living in the east. The fall colored landscape is most impressive and almost breathtaking, specially those stunning red and orange combination colors now appearing wherever we drive. This is the peak of the season, so with gas prices falling weekly, an occasional drive in the country is so refreshing and a fun way to admire beauty all around this area.

Leaves are falling at record speed the past few days with harsh winds picking up in the later evenings. It hasn't been too uncommon to observe folks out on any given day, raking up piles and piles of leaves, storing them in clear plastic bags, then lining them all up neatly along the roadside for the "recycling compost" pickup weekly. Yes, trucks travel around the towns here to pick up bags filled with rotting, wet, mushy leaves, happily turning them into a huge composting service available back to the public, for a fee of course.

Leaves everywhere on the ground just behind these trees.

Soon, the leaves will be gone, merely stick branches will remain on the mature tree trunks. Snow and ice will replace the fall foliage color palette in the very near future. Even during the coldest of wintry wonder, we can begin to anticipate the hope of what will be in store for us by the time spring rolls around near the frigid ending of winter. To recall and envision those wondrous smelling little buds once more, ready to burst into colorful springtime foliage, yet again for another new season on the horizon is to hope for future moments in time to begin anew appreciating God's natural creative surroundings no matter where our geographical location might be. Let us count the days while in the huddle of our cozy dens during the upcoming rainy or snowy season ahead.

Why not get out for a drive today and admire what's left of this autumn season, just to glimpse something we can sometimes take for granted, and what will soon be gone for another year