Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday Morning Traditions

Sunday Morning Brunch Tradition

Before moving east, almost everyone who knew us well, (both family and friends) had knowledge of our customary family routines for a Sunday morning. This specific day in the week encompassed a customary timing for rising early, driving to and attending church, then upon arriving home afterwards, there’d be some prescheduled cooking menu, with a fine tasting and wonderful smelling brunch feast soon afterwards to settle down any hunger pangs. No matter when, where, how or why, week after week, for years and years, our family cooked together, then enjoyed our mealtime at home, or upon other occasions we'd either eat out at a favorite restaurant, or accept an invitation to dine with extended family or friends.

Extended family members including our older bunch with our grandbabes always knew for the most part breakfast brunch was usually being served if they were in the area around the same time, often necessitating the widening of the dining table, plus setting extra places to enable visitors to stop by and join us. In short, Sundays have always been a day for carving out a unique and special chunk of time to call our own “family day” where we have come together on purpose to recharge, refuel, and regroup from the busy and crazy rush of the week's frenzy. Moving out east this year hasn’t changed that part of our week's scheduling, rather it still continues on and means much to us, though less family are living nearby to share it with.

Yes, rising very early on a weekend morning does become a wee sacrifice at times after a hectic full week, but after filling up spiritually, we are always assured there will be FOOD awaiting our physical needs, creating and cooking it up together working as a team, with the goal of having the brunch fare ready and on the table in a timely manner. While still in the vehicle driving back from church, assignment details are decided upon so everyone understands their role in the food formation. Someone is assigned the coffee making to begin our kitchen brunch buzz beginnings, another setting the table (if not done the night before), yet another making juice, or toast, or whatever else there might be to do to assist on the preparing for the family meal, then there will be the duty of cleaning up.

Today, hubby decided to wear his extra special and most favorite apron, creating the entire brunch menu on his own. It wasn't a feasting occasion per se, though he made it enormously special for me (and all) just by simply volunteering his chef cooking talents, offering a satisfying and delicious fare to delight anyone's palette.

Brunch is served

Oh, so close....he almost blinked!!!

He went all out making his own version of potato hash browns, delicious hot cooked apples, scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, mild Italian sausages and a steak he chopped up which was leftover from last night’s BBQ. Now that hockey season has drifted into our midst with the usual change of season, I suppose he figures we need to get more calories into some of our sporty children by encouraging plenty of protein in the selections this morning.

For me, the steamy cup of coffee I was gifted with, was handled and sipped ever so slowly, with such deep satisfying pleasure, my feet were up, and I had to concur wholeheartedly that this particular morning coffee had indeed never tasted so darned good! I felt like I'd won the "queen for the day" award, graced with a few moments to sit, sip, and listen to the great music filling the room up, before brunch was served when all were in attendance after the dog duties.

Yes, I am so blessed my hubby is a good cook!