Sunday, October 08, 2006

Our Thanksgiving Baby!

Today we are having a Canadian Thanksgiving dinner, complete with turkey and stuffing to celebrate two things. Firstly, being thankful of course. Secondly, the birthday of our daughter falling exactly on this date. The chosen cake by the birthday girl for the evening's dessert, has been chosen, though not cake! Rather she elected to have pumpkin pie with fresh whipping cream, an all time family favorite. Besides, yesterday she had her birthday breakfast alone with mom and dad, (a family tradition over the years) and completely devoured a rather large piece of lemon meringue pie after her meal, thus "pie" must be the dessert selected theme this year all the way round for her.

In the spirit of a birthday blessing, this is our tribute to you lovely and fair maiden....

Oh, Baby, Baby....

Fourteen years ago today, a precious little girl was born, one who really had no desire to leave her nice warm secure quarters, and attend to the task at hand of greeting with her parents face to face, let alone her whole family momentarily. It was a difficult birthing experience, longer timing than our firstborn ever was, and twice as difficult to reach the final moments greatly anticipated within the confines of the delivery room. Finally (!), my super great coaching nurse handed me the petite pink swaddled bundle, placing her happily into my overly anxious arms.

The reward was great after such an intensive and possibly dangerous , (at some points) and exhausting labor. At long last though as the tears ran down our faces, we kissed her cheek ever so tenderly, and hugged her tightly. It was the long awaited moment, triggering the desire to utter praise and thanksgiving for this new daughter’s safe birthing, immediately dedicating another babe up to God (yes, holding each way up high in a formal upheld offering) thankful, and giving Him full reign for using them for His will, and future service. Of course too, it was time for giving thanks for yet another daughter, noting our children’s tally was now, three girls and three boys altogether, a tie.

Another little girl for daddy.

Her five older siblings eagerly awaited the grand introduction of this exquisite, high cheek boned sweetie pie, having endured almost three days since their mother traveled to the hospital. Her eldest sister was notified first, received my own very personal first announcement from my bedside, telling of the birth news of another little sister being born. She was thrilled to bits, calling a local radio station shortly after my call, to request the perfect & popular song of the day to her entitled “Baby, baby by Amy Grant”. She then taped the radio announcer mentioning of the request for all of us to hear when arriving home, with him sincerely wishing those brothers and sisters waiting patiently, to have a terrific reunion with mom, dad and baby, before beginning the chosen melody of a perfect choice for such a requested song. We sang that song to her for many years, even when she wasn’t the official baby of the family anymore.

Always happy and smiling, loving her hat collection.

This gal’s personality blossomed and her heart has always been huge towards others in the family. As a wee little girl, she had a memory so grand, others would consult her as to where their belongings might be, and she was the first to offer to do something for someone else, making little sacrifices all the time unselfishly for the good of others. We lovingly began to call her our little slave, as a few siblings took advantage of her good nature. Nonetheless, she smiled and never minded, preferring to help out any way she could.

Through the years, she and her older brother (by seventeen months) were teamed up like little twins, inseparable as they grew, hovering always into moments of friendly competition, and ensuring one another’s safety everywhere they went.

Like twins, these two were inseparable.

So close in fact as friends, everyone really thought they were twins for a long time. When out alone, if offered something like a lollipop or cookie at the barbershop, or from a relative, they were sure to take one for the other not present, never wanting to leave them out of the offering. They are still close today, walking their pups together each evening and still ensure one another is okay.

Through the years, other babies were born becoming her younger siblings, raising her to a new level within the rank of the family pecking order, now ultimately becoming mommy’s special little helper, always present around every corner attentively watching out for ways to assist me, or other members of her family. She grew to become both reliable and dependable when sleeves necessitated being rolled up within the family, and of course, she had had good examples from her older siblings having done the same things. Having a large family, she, like her other siblings has a definite place, cherished by all, and happy to say she is no longer called “baby, baby” (though we still hum the tune occasionally) to her deep satisfaction. Rather new names have come up, those of “auntie” and “big sis” instead.

May God bless you on your Birthday, dear maiden...

Love ya lots!!!