Friday, October 27, 2006

How to impress a future wife.

Once upon a time there were two teenagers, hungry teenagers (my future hubby and I!) visiting together at my hubby's family home one afternoon. Possessing his typical personality of being the ever super macho male, he would not dare be undone with his poor timing for the visit, by not providing a meal to impress his future sweetheart, having her sit a while and accompany him for a late afternoon luncheon fare.Therefore he did what all males seemed to do, attempting to hide his sheer panic strickened emotions of that very second, nonchalantly reaching into a cupboard to grab a stainless steel pot from his mother’s cookware collection, and then began concocting and creating a formidable feast, sure to have his future wife adore his many talent chef offerings... forever.

Yes folks, the box of Kraft dinner was the beginning of this meal, then he produced some incredible improvisation by adding something from the freezer to add a splash of color (frozen peas), some protein from the pantry (a can of tuna), then when the moment was just right, the pasta nice and soft from the fork sample, he stirred all ingredients together in a casserole dish, with the cheesy sauce included in the mix included in the Kraft dinner box ingredients.

Ingredients to make that great impression
but try two cans of tuna instead of one. It's so much better.

Don't laugh! This very recipe soon became his very own signature meal, reliving this most impressive chef’s cooking moments throughout the last thirty plus years! Each time I delivered a new babe and arrived home, I knew within a few days, I would be presented with this very meal at least once. *giggle* His cooking abilities improved significantly and I have to admit, I can relax and entrust him to offer a decent and hearty meal any time of day now.

Tonight this exact same very meal became our "Fish Friday" night meal, which (luckily!) the children still love! Instead of orange cheesy sauce and macaroni though, we opt at times for the shell pasta with white cheddar sauce instead. Add a green salad with colorful additives, then a loaf of fresh warm bread, and surely all will marvel at the talent this family has by slaving over the kitchen stove to present a stunning and nutritional meal on the table for all to dine on.

Bon appetit!