Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hello neighbor

Good Day Neighbor!

The neighbors were out in the fields again, minding their own business when along came two thrilled gals with their homemade snack treats for them.

Not certain of the goodies before their noses, taking their time to assimilate their sense of smell, then their taste buds, the entire platter of horse treats were gobbled up, while the girls stroked their manes and cooed loving murmurings to them. Fear not though, the neighbor has given them permission to visit with a snack upon occasion without any complaint.

During "horse camp" this year, the eldest daughter learned to make the horses treats , those especially in the fields for the summer. They consisted of apples cut in half, scooping out the cores and insides, chopping them all up , and then mixing with molasses & brown sugar. When complete, the mixture was scooped back into the apple outer extremeties and stuffed tight. A delectable fair for a horse, a rarity usually at best as well.

Both girls had been keenly aware of a younger girl visitor to this neighbor's barn. Then startled, they witnessed her upon one of the horses, thinking no one was going to ride them except for the owner as she had been hesitant to allow anyone on the older horses untrained. To our girls, this younger visitor looked very untrained to them, so now that they are in riding lessons, they are eager to befriend the horses much more, visit more often with them over the good neighbor farm fencing, and eventually both are hoping they will be allowed over to do more, even if just to work with the animals on barn duties. At least, that's what they are hoping!