Monday, October 16, 2006

Prayer request for Amber

This morning we found out our niece was in hospital with a case of viral meningitis. She had experienced a headache for the past three days, so food and sleep weren't happening easily. Her husband realizing the serious nature by last evening, rushing her into emergency for a diagnosis, only to find the dreaded results, and her admission as a patient until all unfolds.

Her one doctor has now turned into several specialists attending to her case, including a neurologist and an infectious disease specialist. The neurologist's visit to this morning was for the purpose of reading the results on the spinal tap she endured which happily came out clear in color, lucikly a good sign, though still, the severity of her case is still critical over the course of the next 48 hours. Currently doctors are concerned about any neurological damage and are monitoring her for any changes to the brain. Morphine and Demeral are no longer prescribed for her severe headache as they hadn't assisted in the least with her pain management, and today she has noticed a stiffness in her neck.

Our niece's name is Amber, a normally healthy, vibrant and happy mother to two little girls, with her husband at her side worried sick and super emotional over her condition.

Could you please keep Amber and her family in your prayers, as the next two days are so important in her steps for recovery. I'll update you when I know more...

Thank you so much!!