Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My "Lonestar" gets cleared up underfoot.

Still standing tall and proud, this is "My Lonestar"!

I've posted about "My Lonestar" before, being my earthly adopted "northstar" for navigating purposes, mostly to get me home on dark nights, assist me in finding my rocky gravel road to turn on, specially initially while we were getting used to this new geographical environment.

The soya beans around lonestar's base are being harvested.

Here it is in its full splendor (it's still dead looking) with it's crop beneath it having a shearing day, with the farmer's combine driving along row by row, cutting down and processing the soya bean crop, while it automatically sorts the stalks from the bean, THEN, it shells the light green colored bean out from it's husk's outer exterior (that UGLY brown look). It was amazing to stop and watch the process from start to finish! When the combine storage area was filled to the brim, the farmer would travel to one of his parked bins to dump the harvested product into it, then travel back to where he left off. What a glorious and amazing (quarter million dollar) piece of equipment accomplishing four to five steps at one time, then mulching the waste to a dust, spraying it back into the fields again, covering the ground with a warm blanket for winter fast approaching. And it's approaching quickly as "SNOW" has been forecasted for Thursday and Friday this week!!!

An utterly amazing piece of machinery to
automate much in the farming industry.

Our dirt road leading us to our home....

If you click onto the photo below to enlarge it, then locate the exact position of "lonestar" (the dead lone tree to the right), you will find our home situated immediately on its bottom left side, though still a distance away from it. Yes, that's our home, the barn hidden amongst the trees to its left side, sort of in the middle of no where, yet there are other local residents surrounding down each side of the road. We're getting used to finding our way about now, even in the dead of a darkened night, but through both my bedroom and living room windows, I still love to gaze out over the fields to see "lonestar" standing proud and tall out yonder in the horizon.

So, did you search and find it yet?