Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Anytime my dear, anytime!

Anytime my dear, anytime!

Visitors have a way of touching our lives, and we have had plenty of company in our midst in recent weeks as you can tell by reading our blog here.

When our young friend came to spend time with us, the days seemed to zoom by, and as fate would have it, chaos reigned as per usual, leaving her no option other than to fold into the family routine. And that she did! I have to interject here and add this little snippet – the very moment she stood up from the dinner table to help with dishes voluntarily, I just knew she had already won my heart anyway, so it was inevitable we would all have a fabulous time with her here. (smile)

From the first day when we arrived home and soon she encountered the tag along dog walking detail chore she became involved in, followed by being dragged along to horse lessons, she always accompanied us without batting an eyelash, just offered another lovely smile on her pretty face, always cheery and easy to be around.

Fast footed soccer action and our bonfire night on the property, would find it an occasion to introduce her to many of the children’s friends here in the east, people she’d seen but never met before. Fast friendships were formed and plenty of memory work lay before her with multiple names to remember for other times.

Canada Day fell on the calendar while she vacationed here, and we decided last minute to be brave and venture out to the celebration’s firework displays in town, meeting up with other friends for the evening at hand. Red was the color of the day, and the fireworks were just grand!

Oh Canada!

Canada Day Fireworks Evening

Heading off to the beach, all four girls summoned me to become photographer for them, all in group format, and there were some rather unique photo opportunities to capture on the beach. I have photos to prove it! (wink) Seriously, it was such fun to watch them during their photo sessions and to witness their summertime vacation moments.

Swim, Sun, and many "Snapping Sessions"

Another invitation came for the big ones here to attend a bonfire with neighbours which ended her stay the night before leaving. When a subsequent thunder and lightning storm produced an abundance of rain, their clothing became soaked and pizza boxes, umbrellas quickly fetched and even rubbermaid bins saved the day. If only the lightning hadn’t spoiled the fun everyone was having. Next time.

Between all the digital cameras owned by the four girls, and of course - carried everywhere, enough photos were snapped to fill a huge volume with plenty of memories attached no doubt. We’ve know this lovely young lady since she was a wee babe, attending the same church together for years and years, attending the same music lesson sessions (ORFF) with our daughter and son for four years, and being blessed with mutual friends in the weset. But, after watching the two girls spend time together in close proximity, we just know this is one of those wonderful friendships in need of continual fostering over the future.

These two have mutual friends who still
remain in touch, and the mothers do too.

It felt like we played tag a bit, driving to pick her up when her parents were a mere few hours away, and then driving again to tag team her into the safe hands of other mutual friends so they could continue her journey onward shortly before her departure from our area.

Rachel, it was so fun to have you here. Anytime my dear, anytime! God bless.