Thursday, July 10, 2008

Scenes from a Summer's Day, 2

Scenes from a Summer's Day

So refreshing!

As the summer temperatures climb higher and higher, who doesn't love watermelon to quench the thirst and rehydrate the body.

Here sits our young daughter with her goggles and speedo bathing suit still on enjoying her first round of watermelon. As I proceeded to cut the large fruit a while ago, everyone swarmed in and declared it their lunch and I suspect it will be all gone very shortly. I remember when there was such a thing as watermelon only being in season during the summer, not like today when it's readily available for what seems to be year round. My mother would bring a watermelon home and both my brother and I would consume it all, leaving none for the others later on.

It's been HOT here, hot enough to be uncomfortable and have the air conditioning humming most day and night. For the past three days, temperatures remained almost 90ish degrees IN THE SHADE, and leveled out to 75-80 degrees while we slept during the night, an immediate and tough start to a new day when humidity issues accompany such thermometer changes, almost 89% and way too high for my hubby with lung issues to contend with. It's a true cross to bear for anyone with lung issues just to be in the midst of summer let alone the accompaniment of higher humidity.

My husband gives his analogy on how it feels for him. He says; "try plugging your nose and sucking on a straw for air with every breath you take, all day long, gasping upon occasion and forcing yourself to remain in full control so panic doesn't set in." By the time the air you are sucking up that straw gets to your mouth, he says he's also battling "seeing stars" from lack of air supply abilities, more often than not these days. Each day brings new challenges, but the sun is shining so it's a double edged sword for the most part.

Air conditioning is a very good thing for him and all others who are struggling at this time. He's offering it all up though, and working to better his environment, functioning in full force with complete climate control. Air conditioning is good, dehumidifiers are GREAT! Ours are roaring all day long!

Oh, speaking of heat! Most members of our family are blessed with ultra thick hair, the higher humidity has resulted in doing battle with big poufy hair syndrome, thus the requirement for additional skinny serum applications just to hold it down. It would be one thing if it went curly, but all of our hair just has folks turning their heads to see if we are Tina Turner look-alikes. (kidding, though just imagine the kind of pouf I may be speaking of won't you?)

Okay, so back to heat again....snicker. Even though our older son surprised all with his signature banana loaf, all seemed to hover around the watermelon slices instead, so I suppose when they finally get hungry they will return to the kitchen to find the bread slices waiting for them. Snack time awaits children!

Have you had your watermelon lately? Was yours extra sweet and juicy, so very delicious? I'm off to see if there's any left myself, so have yourself a very great day everyone.