Monday, July 21, 2008

It's okay, we're fine here....

Back to chatting with you...

Hello everyone, I hope your weekend was just grand!

We've received several phone calls from worried family/friends concerned this past weekend. I realize now when a few days goes by without this mama doing some blogging, any blogging at all ; no doubt it results in a few anxious people wondering about us.

No pressure everyone, grin, grin, grin. Sorry...

As the heat rises, rather more appropriately - as the accompanying humidity climbs, it becomes more and more difficult for my hubby to maintain his regular activities, thus the reason why people get concerned in the first place.

For instance this past weekend, he had to opt out of his dearly beloved lawn tractor duties, a first for him. He was unable to get outdoors and attend the children's first swim meet, and was completely distressed about not being able to climb our stairs when retiring for the night without encountering labored breathing. Each time he ascended to the top, major momentary panic set in, recovery periods were very necessary which soon became increasingly frustrating for him, and I can hardly blame him for feeling that way after becoming alarmed over the suddenness of it all myself.

Where would we ever be without constant air conditioning in our home, inside of the vehicles or any other place he frequents in any given period of time such as this? Now, if only our church could/would install such a wonderful lifesaving device, wouldn’t that be just grand!

Meanwhile, we anticipated and then celebrated my hubby’s birthday this weekend. He and I shared a lovely evening together having a dinner date with a surprise birthday cake awaiting him near the end of the night. It was a fitting end to a wonderful meal no less when a fresh cup of coffee arrived just in time to accompany the super yummy orange creamsicle cake’s delicious flavor.

Happy Birthday!

Each year when his birthday has passed once more, we know it’s another splendid victory because it continues to defy the medical community’s predictions for his looming operation. It’s been six years of defying the odds, so incredible really.

Candles aren’t good on the cake to blow out,
but sparklers are fantastic!

Happy Birthday my husband, I love you sooooo much!