Saturday, July 26, 2008

Scenes from a Summer's Day, 14

Scenes from a Summer's Day

Blessings of a clothesline... and I have two of them.

Lucky girl!

I love things flapping in the wind, waving at me

There is one thing I love about summer since moving into this house. I just love having double clotheslines to hang oodles of laundry on, and all those towels and bathing suits summer weather produces after enjoying beach time moments as a family.

We miss our pool this year, the one that sprang a huge leak from stretching and warping so badly from the heat exposure in the east we weren't' used to in the west (with the added humidity of course).

Our pool with Auntie and her three Nieces last summer

We had to pitch it when it became evident it was beyond repair at the end of last year when the plug and filter areas came unglued leaving gaping holes and the pool store encouraged us to bid it farewell.

With the water's edge so near to us though, sure we miss our big pool on our property, but it just forces us to get nearer to the beach often.

It's something we've had to remember to do - on purpose this year, and if there is any merit in the effort it takes in the long run, it is the satisfaction for this mama to just enjoy the beauty and simplicity of it all, including observations at the end of the day when my clothesline sits with fruits of those waterside memories.

Clothesline lessons were complete the year we moved into this home, so everyone knows how to use the clothespins, and spacers for the lines properly. Often one of them is assigned the duty of hanging up the laundry, or bringing it all in for folding when it's dry.

Imagine how just a few handfuls of wooden clothespins provide a tight and secure clipping, good enough for allowing all of the recent day's wet items to flap and sway in total freedom, rhymically moving in sync with a soft gentle breeze. It's as though they are waving at me as, sending a warm greeting and a cheery "hello" at day's end. I just love my clotheslines!